Who do you love more?

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  • Mulan
    "there is no greater love than that of a mother for her child" I would die for any of my children. I love them unconditional. It is a different type of love that the love I feel for my husband. Not greater, just different.

    I totally agree with this. Now that our children are grown, it's different again. Now that kind of love for a child who depends on you, goes to the grandchildren. Unbelievable how they just come into your heart at first glance.

  • whyamihere

    Its not who you love more....its a different love for me.

    funny example....My kids are sick and crying and in pain. I feel for them, even I will cry with them. My husband sick and crying? I pick up the laundry basket and wish him the best of luck. (kidding to a point)


  • daystar
    "there is no greater love than that of a mother for her child"

    Is that so? Tell my ex that...

    There is no "more" or "less" love as love cannot be measured. There are different sorts of loves however. My son, because I am fully responsible for his well-being and up-bringing, will always come before anyone else. That is not to say that I would love him "more" than a woman I was in love with. It's just different.

    Now, your aunt may have a different problem and one I am quite familiar with. My mother is the same way. Anyone younger than her she treats like her children. She worries about them, constantly has her nose dug into their business, etc. And it sounds like my father and your uncle have the same complaints.

    And like my father, if your uncle wants to remain married to his wife, he will just have to accept it. And that is it.

  • KW13

    Normally (unless its me) you'd hope your mum would choose you over spouse because you are literally flesh and blood. Depends what situation would bring this about but surely its a different kind of love?

    You love your children, you want to care for them and protect them e.t.c

    Your spouse is someone to help you through life, you love them and their company and you face things together

  • mariposa

    The love is completely different, but the intensity is the same.

    I've got a 9-month old and I worry more about her than her pop for sure. She gets ALOT more of my attention than he does, but it could be because she's a baby and needs it more. But when she gets older, like going to school or out of the house older, I'll probably go crazy worrying about her 10 times more! Maybe it's because we feel more responsible and protective of our munchkins and grown men (most of them anyways) can take care of themselves.

  • mrsjones5

    There is no comparison - each love is different. My love for my husband is totally different from the love I have for my children.


  • lonelysheep

    Kids, without a doubt.

  • Poodles

    Being a parent of two adult sons my opionion is that if the child is a minor then ofcourse the feeling of love is much stronger because they are so helpless at that age! I still love my sons now but since i know they can fend for themselves we are less close! I never loved their father so the answer is that i loved them more then their father!!


  • happyout

    Brigid said:

    It is an unconditional love that does not require the other party to return anything. My children could do anything (ANYTHING) and I would still love them--I might not understand it, I might not condone it, but nothing would make me stop loving them. A partner is just that; a partner that one exchanges energies with. A marriage is a contract--you do this, I do that--blah blah blah. I have yet to meet the man whom I would love unconditionally (especially as a marriage partner) and expect nothing in return.

    This hits the nail on the head for me. There are many things a spouse, partner, etc, could do that would totally destroy your love for them. But I will ALWAYS love my son. I won't always condone his actions, I am not blind to his faults (although he's only 5 so they are few right now ), but I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIM. Done. Finished. No questions asked.

    I have fallen out of love with other people, and I'm pretty sure I no longer love my husband (long story, but it's his fault). That will never apply to my son.

    I don't necessarily think this only applies to mothers and their children, I know some men who have the same no holds barred, balls to the wall love for their children. I think it's great.

    Happyout - born to be a mother

  • skeeter1

    You love your spouse in a different way than your children.

    When a spouse hits, cheats, tells me "I don't love you", etc....it's over. = Conditional Love

    When a child hits, cheats, tells me "I don't love you", etc....I understand that she is tired, angry, needs more help. = UNCONDITIONAL Love

    There's a country song that sums up how we love our children, and how the true "Jehovah" (not the Watchtower Society version) loves us....

    "It's a love without end, amen."

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