ORANGEFATCAT and the best news.

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  • Narkissos

    Thanks for the update (((((((OFC))))))))

  • greendawn

    Great news to hear that there is no serious problem as originally thought.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    You just made my day. Every day I've been looking for an update so thanks for posting.

    The buses here have always told me to back onto the lift. One time I started on facing forward and they stopped me.

    I think the reason for this is that the majority of the weight falls closer to the back of the chair or scooter where the motor is. The strongest part of the lift will also be closest to the bus rather than at the outside edge of the lift .

    As for you, you sure didn't need an accident to make your health problems even worse.

    So take good care of yourself

  • Es

    Im so glad to hear you are on the mend hun.... i was really worried bout you.

    love ya lots


  • Country_Woman

    Hi Terry, good to "see" you back.

  • Mary

    That is fantastic news OFC!! I'm so relieved it wasn't a brain tumour..............

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Nice one OFC

  • Frog

    It's so great to hear a report from you in person OFC, and to hear that the predictions were wrong. Goodness knows how this sort of thing happens, but I guess Dr's are human too. Sounds like you now just need to spend time taking good care of yourself, and de-stressing while in recovery mode. It's so great to see you back on the forum, I can't possibly tell you how great.

    I'm so thrilled that you have had such good friends to comfort you in your time of need, you absolutely deserve them though, you've well and truley earnt all their love and admiration.

    Much love & hugs to you from frog xxooxxooxx

  • MerryMagdalene

    So happy to hear your good news OFC!!!

    But sounds like you're still going through some stuff so I will continue to remember you in the vigils


  • orangefatcat

    What wonderful things to wake up to and see all your nice comments and thoughtfullness. Gee I am so happy to see how much love you all have. I feel the same way I have such deep love for all of you too.

    I would like to pm all of you and thank you personally but I haven't go that my energy back yet so please be assured I will get to thanking you all personally.

    Life has given me a few knocks lately and I still need your thoughts and prayers as things on the home front are not so good.

    But in the meantime I thank God I am alive, the spring is here buds and flowers are pushing up through the ground and the rebirth of life starts again anew. I feel better knowing warmer weather and bluer skies are here.

    Now I can frolic in the grass and fight with KLS again and yess Monkey let the pooh fly where it must.

    I am on the move..

    all my deepest love for each one of you.



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