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    Wow, what an amazing group of beautiful loving friends. I can't begin to tell, all of you, how much your prayers, vibes, reiki, and so many beautiful cards. Branda you have brought me so many smiles with all the kitten pictures it lifted my sprits during some rather dismal days. And telephone calls kept me from going bonkers.

    I see that my dear dear friend Monkey has kept you up to date.,. She is truly a beautiful human being. I love you Monkey even your crusty butt poop thrower. God you guys are so wonderful if I said that already its because you have meant so much to me, it can't be said enough. Thank you all.

    So here is was happened that lead me on a rollercoaster of events that has taken its toll on me, but yes there was indeed light at the end of the tunnel thank God. A boy do I mean that.

    It all started back in January on the 12th with the accident I had in the bus in our town where I sustained a severe whiplash, with head, shoulders and legs and hips where in terrible pain. I saw the doctors immdiately and the doctor ordered some radiology exams and it was at that time they found what they told me was a brain tumor called a meningioma an operable tumor on the Left temperal part of my skull. There was a gap in my skull and it was assumed that is where the tumor was. No this exam was done on January 14th, it wasn't until the near end of that month that a doctor taking my doctors paitients while he was away and he told me about this. I was of course shocked, but not that shocked as I had these terrible symptoms with severe brain pain. Well during the next couple of weeks I was waiting for a Cat Scan that was to be done ASAP, no word from the hospital at all as to the time for my CT scan and I was getting very upset and in the mean time I had commenced my physciotherapy, Which after three sessions made the pain more aggrevated and I was constantly feeling nauseated and dizzy. So I had to stop and I am still awaiting a response from the bus insurance company. By the end of January my family doctor read to me the results of my test and said I had a tumor and in fact he told me that he had just told a patient the day before that they too had a brain tumor. I was just so emotionlly and mentally drained and wasn't really any further ahead, as I had expected the doctor to make an arrangement for me to see a neurologist, but he didn't he said we will run some other test I was in the hospital expecting to see all kinds of specialist but was suddenly told that they couldn't see a tumor. I was elated but going nuts as to what the hell was happening. I said to one of the doctors in the hospital that what on earth is happening to me and he boldly declared I frankly haven't go an idea what is going on. Then they discharged me, and yet I still hadn't seen a neurologist to see what was wrong. Why did the two doctors tell me i had a tumor from what the radiology test showed and now the CT scan says no tumour is seen. I can't tell you I was feeling pretty low at this time as I still had no answers for what was making me so ill.

    The doctor at the hospital asked me if I had had an injury to my head and I told him I had had a an accident on the 12th of Jan. and he felt maybe something was happening as a result of the accident.. Well that didn't make me feel any better but happy that there was no tumor, so what was the mass in my skull. It was now into this month with still really no defined diagnoses.

    Resently the reports came back showing that I have what is called ,"hyperostosis" which was a growth of bone mass. in the left parasagittal region of the brain Also there is a the right of the thalamus a gap space of 5 mm..

    So what the hell is "hyperostosis" Please for a better understaing of this here is a link to read at your leisure.

    There is real mention that I can find thus far about this being in the brain but on other parts of the spine and vertebrae. I know that this condition is also called "DISH" and was first given this name in 1997.

    My neck (cervical spine) I have DDD and severe OA along with spinal stenosis as well as at the lumbar region of the spine at L 2-3 and L 4-5

    So dear friends who knows if there was a tumor, did it exist and then disappear or was the overgrowth of the bone in my skull give the appearance of a tumor. I don't know, but as for now I have NO TUMOR. Thank you God.

    And now one more added feature to my story, Again on March the 16th while on the disability bus the same exact thing happened like that which occured on Jan. 12th. Now I have componunded the previous injuries and the insurance comp. for the bus company can't believe it either, thank goodness this bus driver did come forward and told about what happened but she tried to make it appear like she was not in the wrong because according to her I should be backing my scooter up the ramp rather then driving up the ramp. I told the adjuster that at no time has any driver told me to back onto the bus as it is dangerous and I also told him that another woman who uses this bus has an electiric wheel chair and a no time has she ever been told to back up the ramp and on Saturday I saw this women in town and I told her what happened and she told me that they never ever secure her either. So I told her she contact the Human Rights Commision and report them to this commision as this huge bus company is going to have a lot of law suits. I mentioned to the lady that she should complain to the Bus comp and tell them she will sue if anything ever happens to her.

    The owner of the insurance company came to see me and asked me what suggestions I could recommentd to the bus company to make them safer. So I gave him a list of things and we will see if the bus makes these improvements.

    I know that this is long but I just couldn't downsize it . I just hope that you don't ever think I was trying to fool anyone because I would never ever do that. I value each and everyone of you and I see that there are so many new ones on the board and if I haven't greeted you please now except my greeting to all of you.

    Your love for me I will cherish it always and once agian dear frineds thank you thankyou thankyou.

    all my love and graditude


  • gumby

    I just hope that you don't ever think I was trying to fool anyone because I would never ever do that.

    If people would have thought this, you would not have had all the responses you had.

    So glad to hear from you.


  • luna2

    Its good to hear from you OFC. Even with no tumor, you've had more than your share of medical problems. Hopefully, you will be feeling better soon.

  • damselfly


    I'm glad you're back. So sorry about the accident(s), whiplash causes so many problems and lots of pain.

    I have heard of hyperostosis Bone is amazing. Did you know that if you get a bad bruise when it heals it can calcify into bone in the muscle mass? Myositis ossificans. The medical still doesn't quite know why as far as I know.

    Hopefully there is some light ahead for you and they can figure out a treatment plan.


  • minimus


    sorry Min but I had to edit this so the scroll wouldn't be needed


  • JH

    Good news OFC

  • upside/down
  • BluesBrother

    Great News OFCat!!.. welcome back and may your health keep better for a long time..


  • orangefatcat

    Oh rat I love you new colour tone to your avatar and thanks you guys for being to good and kind.

    I ha ve had more love and care shown to me in the last few months then in all the 38 years I was a JW.



  • mouthy

    Oh Orange. I was so sorry to read what you have gone through-Happy to hear all on here sent you cards etc..... If I had known I would have also. But I have been ill. I am also packing all my junk to move..... Keep on the mend girl ----Sounds like you had a divine intervension (((HUG)))

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