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  • Soapydish

    This is the first year in my life that I won't be going to that thing with the bread and the wine. You know what I'm talking about. Even though I gradually stopped going to meets since i was 21 (beer made me do it!), I've always gone to all their special events. Deep down inside, I want to please my parents in that respect. If it's not my parents, it's her parents that reminds us, or both. I know it's just to please them and I know that I shouldn't, so I won't this time. I don't want them to think that I'm going back and i'm having doubts about not being a JW. The assembly is going to be a little harder to slip off, but I won't go this time. I live two blocks away from where that thing is going to be held. I hope my family doesn't stop by. What kinda experiences have yous guys had with this bread and wine thing?

  • anewme

    My experience has been nothing happens. Ive missed 4 memorials now and no lightening has stricken yet.
    I have been to enough of them I can give the talk myself.

    Personally I have always thought the ceremony lacking. If you attend any of Christendoms rituals at this time of year there is alot of effort and energy put into their Easter services. Lots of music and song and
    happiness and sharing and eating.

    I always thought it was alot of emotion and expectation for nothing. The same old boring talk given by a poor speaker in an undecorated hall. And just like all the meetings, everyone went their way afterwards leaving me uninvited.

    To me now, I enjoy going outside and looking at the full moon and thanking Jesus for his sacrifice. I always drag all the people and pets outside to view the "Jesus Moon" as we call it and tell them the story, like some old wise woman, of how this is the exact night two thousand years ago that Jesus was nailed to the stake (cross, whatever)
    My husband shrugs and says its cold lets go in. The dogs sniff the air for cats.
    Then we all shuffle back into the house.


  • misguided

    Last year was my last "bread and wine" thing since the year I was born. It will be my last.

    The "celebration" was nothing more than the same old same old, and the people there looked alot like unhappy drones to me. Being df'd, some people tried to speak to me by talking to my know, like, "tell your mother this, that, or the other thing," or " tell your mother she should blah, blah, blah," all while I'm withing hearing range.

    When I walked out that door, I knew it was not the "truth," and that I'd never go again.


  • jwfacts

    Last year was my last one as well. Good on you Soapydish, it is a powerful statement to others.

  • Jeffro

    I won't be going. Not expecting the sky to fall as a result.

    Since I 'disassociated' (apparently, though it was news to me since I told them in writing that my baptism was anulled, and explicitly stated that I was not 'disassociating'), I'm not expecting any invitations.

  • Clam

    When I left I drew a line under the whole thing. I never saw the point in going to a Memorialâ„¢ if the Hall and the people were an anathema to me anyway. I just thought it would be two faced of me. I wouldn't accuse anyone else of that. It's a personal thing, and if you go along with their religious class system and feel the need to celebrate the Memorialâ„¢ then go ahead. To me their Memorialâ„¢ is an insult to Jesus, not a remembrance of his words and deeds. Good for you Soapy if you're staying away.

  • penny2

    Hi Soapydish

    The first time you don't go is hard because it will hit home to the family that you're not going back. After that it gets easier. Stick to your guns - they will adjust. I never thought my family would get used to it but they have.

    If you think they are going to come around and that will be uncomfortable, find something to do on the night.


  • Honesty

    2003 was the last JW "memorial" I'll ever attend. Just thinking about that dreary room full of dejected-looking people who have been brainwashed into believing that they shouldn't eat His flesh and drink His blood makes me wanna puke my guts out.

  • Dismembered

    Hi Soapydish

    This will be the 3rd one I'm looking foward to missing. If I ever go there again it would be to make a nusance of myself. I'd bite the cookie, and I'd drink the wine, then they'd have to count me as an annointed. An annointed in street clothes. Would ya look at that.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi soapydish

    This will be the first memorial that I have ever missed as well, but I am da'd so I am not expecting an invitation anyway. Your not going will indeed be a powerful statement of intent, giving them a good idea about how you truly feel about the wts. I wish you well.



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