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  • xjwms

    I go to keep peace in my home, my wife would be hurt....I think.

    my experience in 2004 was that everybody was way to sugar sweet. The hard thing was it felt real.

    In 2005 .. not so sweet, .. more like when are you coming back? I don't know what to expect this year...and its only two weeks away.

  • Woofer

    This will be my 4th in a row that I have missed . . I shouldn't use the word "miss" because I don't "miss" going at all! LOL

    I've been out about 10 years and I went to about every other one the first few years I was disfellowshipped.

    My family lives at least an hour away from me so I don't get pressure from them to go and there is no way of them to check up on me to see if I went.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    well,im now 35 and this will be the first year i willnot go...i dont expect an invite from wouldnt make a scrap of differance anyway....i call the whole thing bollocks.

    I went the last 2 years(whilst faded) and nearly fell for it all ...again!Everyone so nice ,so friendly,so "concerned".

    Thankfully last time my Girlfriend took me home and showed me one or two things i would miss if i did go back .

    Amazing how i didnt believe a word of "the truth" ...but still thought about how much i missed certain things and certain "friends".

    Nope,wild horses wouldnt drag me there to that soulless nonsense.

    Rant over.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    We will be attending this year . An elder finally stopped by this weekend to see if we were alive .And my husband wants to go back to meetings. It is so weird they know something is up, but are truely afraid to just ask "why have you stopped coming ". If it were just me I wouldn't bother , but my husband doesn't share the same doubts as me ,and I know it's important to him .I wouldn't appreciate having to go by myself if it was the other way around. My son told me he absolutly is not going ,so that will be a big issue I'm sure. I really hope not to be greeted with sugar coated expessions. I may puke.

  • GoingGoingGone

    I am going too, I think, to keep peace in my home. I think.

    I am expecting major love bombing. I've already been getting calls from friends I haven't heard from in ages, just making small talk. Not a peep about meetings, Memorial, nothing. Let the love bombing begin.......

    I'm a little worried about missing everyone so much that I get a little sucked back in emotionally.

    My husband hasn't mentioned the Memorial at all. Not one word. I'm not sure what that means... Is he not expecting me to go? Is he just assuming that I will? I suppose I need to ask him eventually... I just hate to rock the boat when things are going smoothly.

    Soapydish and all you staying home... Good for you!


  • lilybird

    We disassociated ourselves in 1986 and haven't gone to a memorial since then except for once 5 years ago.. Just my husband and I went to make his parents happy, They never shunned us when we left although counselled many times to do so by elders. They said familiy was more important..

    Anyways. we went that one time,, it was a curiosity to see JWs that we hung around with as teens. Some spoke to us... But the funny part was the overseer saying if we wanted to come back.. we would have to sit at the back of the hall for all the meetings with no one talking to us until we proved ourselves worthy thru biblestudy and actions that we were worthy to come back.... NO THANks.....It made me realize how lucky we were to get out of that brainwashed way of life

  • south african beef
    south african beef

    Hi Soapydish my wife bubble and i went to the memorial twice after we were df'ed. we went to a cong where no one knew us. it was a bit wierd. anyway the next year we went again and were stopped by a sugar coated elder on the way out. didn't know whether to puke or laugh outloud. he put us right off going again. in fact last year was the first time in the whole of both of our lives that we didn't go - what a relief! my wife has been invited this year, i haven't yet. we are definitley not going. when i was a witto i hated those that just came to the memorial and that was it for another year. i thought yeah you are gonna be saved - NOT!

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