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  • wombat

    Hi LDH.....No..Picaninni is really a very cute word....I have never heard it used in an offensive way ever. The source you quoted is totally incorrect.

    The word Gin - referring to a female aborigine - is offensive. It never was originally but became so when it began being used derogatorial sense. ("She was as hopeless as a gin at a christening").

    unclebruce will surely correct me here (as he should, because my spelling will be wrong) but our aborigines prefer to addressed as Murries or Koories. Depending on whether they were coastal or inland tribes.

    Blackfellas and whitefellas are not derogatory words and can be used in conversation. Around here anyway.

    Certainly many native women were raped by colonial settlers as has been the case world-wide since forever.

    The Australian aborigine had (and still has) a culture 40,000 years old. And, as with any people that were invaded, were very badly treated. They resisted this intrusion and did try to keep their blood line pure.

    PM me your email address and I'll forward a pic of my closest cousin......Wombat

  • MsMcDucket

    LDH, my husband and I love that movie. My husband was the one that got me to look at it. There's a film called "Manganiny" (sp). It's Aussie film. I seen it years ago. I can't find it anywhere, but I'd recommend that movie, too.

  • LDH
    Blackfellas and whitefellas are not derogatory words and can be used in conversation. Around here anyway.

    This is about the cutest damn thing I've heard.

    You never can tell what's offensive from one culture to the rest. For instance, even tho us in the US have a LOT in common with Australia, I don't feel we know a damn bit about it other than your movie star exports.

    Mrs M, I'll look for it.

  • barry

    A court case by two so called stolen generation aboriginals a few years ago proved that these two individuals would have been left on an ant nest to die and that there lives had been saved by the government policys of the day. The present government refuses to say sorry because of this reason and because it would open the floodgates for litigation for the so called stolen generation. The aboriginal people have different values to the white society and for them it is a huge problem to fit into the modern world . probably the aboriginal people have some of the best trackers in the world they are used by the police to solve crimes and are allways right.

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