Bible stories swept under the carpet

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  • nicolaou

    You're welcome mate.

    Though ShiningOne tends not to answer specifics I live in hope that he may come back to answer my points. His defences of God are far more effective at turning people away from supernatural belief than my atheistic ramblings could ever be!

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    The story of King David is certainly not swept under the carpet!

    He is probably the ultimate "old testament"character held up by JW,s as a fine and good example...

    Imo he is the biggest Rogue /asshole in the entire Bible!

    "he sinned but his heart was good..yadda yadda..."What utter rot.

  • Jim_TX

    "...who art aware of all things before they come to be..."

    pre-destination? So... this great and mighty godalready knows the outcome of things to come?

    My ex-wife said it wasn't so.



    Jim TX

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    Hi Nicolau,
    Judging God are we? I just want you to make it clear so that someday you will remember it with regret.....better to bend the knee now knowing of the sweet salvation freely offered to all. Everyone gets older then they face death, though that fact is easy enough to ignore. Materialism will just leave you with a God sized hole in your heart. Trust me on this: nothing that you do to exalt yourself will bring you any lasting peace. The Preacher was absolutely spot-on in Ecclesiasties. Thumb your nose, play the fool, cackle and cavort all that you want.
    Hi Jgnat,
    Nothing has changed, they continue to mock Christ. Too bad you take part in it by giving them comments to facilitate their degenerate attitudes.
    I am pleased that someone has finally made mention of my Syd Barrett picture. It took a bloody long time...
    He doesn't much look like that anymore. His immense talent was wasted and is probably gone now.

  • Leolaia

    In an interview with feminist scholar Phyllis Trible in the latest issue of BAR, the interesting point is made that even these "despicable" (by modern standards) stories have value to readers today:

    "I'd like to go into a second example of a text that can work both as a blessing and a curse. I was lecturing on that horrible story of the unnamed woman in Judges 19, gang-raped through the night, murdered and finally dismembered. Reading a story like that, how could anyone see it as a blessing? After my lecture, a woman came up to me, weeping. She said to me, 'I didn't know the Bible had a story like that.' I expected her to recoil in horror. But she did quite the opposite. She said, 'Physically I have not been dismembered, but I have been raped, and I have been psychologically murdered. To know that the Bible is telling my story makes all the difference to me.' Right before me, she claimed that story as a blessing for herself, because it was a mirror of what she had experienced. I was just started by that. It helped me see that you never throw away any part of the Bible. You never know when and in what situation it will relate to a reader" (p. 52).

  • Midget-Sasquatch
    "susanna cried out"

    Now that is really a story I have never heard!

    Its from one of the additions to Daniel that you find in many catholic bibles. Daniel plays the position of defense attorney and wins by showing how the two accusers didn't have their stories straight. The other story was cool with how Danny fed a dragon with some concoction that blew it up. I kid you not.

  • nicolaou

    Shining One

    Judging God are we?

    Yep! We are all judged by the things we do and say, god included. If you choose to accept the bible as recorded history then I'm afraid the judgement on your god is not too good is it?

    I just want you to make it clear so that someday you will remember it with regret

    Is that a threat? I feel like some snotty kid has threatened to get his big brother to beat me up! What did I do to you Shining One? Really? Are you so insecure in your position that you are taking my comments as a personal attack upon you?!

    Look in the mirror Shining One. You're the one making judgements and accusations. In your last post alone you accused me of being materialistic and self-exalting and you called me a fool. Is that the 'Christian spirit' that is supposed to win me over.

    Actually I'm not all that offended, it's what I've come to expect from unreasoning, hardline fundamentalists. There are plenty of amiable Christian posters on this forum with whom I can disagree agreeably, nice people who can argue their point and yet do so without invoking images of their vengeful god annihilating us unbelievers.

    You could learn a lot from them.

  • jgnat
    mock Christ.

    Where on this thread? Give examples. Is it possible that some of the old bible stories have lost relevance today?

  • jgnat
    It helped me see that you never throw away any part of the Bible. You never know when and in what situation it will relate to a reader.

    Very thoughtful, leolaia. It's true. People were bloody and cruel back then. People can be bloody and cruel today. There is a lot to be learned just to realize not much has changed. Perhaps, though, we need to throw out the slavish reverence to the bible commands that some people demand we follow.

  • jojochan
    But ignore anything having to do with sex-yup who needs porn when ya got the Song of Solomon?

    Oh yes... the song of of THE oldest piece of erotica EVER. It's so mysterious to me that every year when I was going that we quickly skipped over that account of him feenin' over some chocholate ''

    but I liked the fact that she was'nt having that from him. That she was still in love with her poor boyfriend.

    But another account that got me laughing WAS Lot's freaky daughters. They got him drunk and took turns on him for christ's sake! Now you can't tell me the man was THAT drunk to not know that he was having sex with BOTH of his daughters?

    Oh well....different times, different customs I guess, but that still bugs me to this day. Not only that but David and what he did. And all he did was pray for forgiveness for all of that whereas those that looked at the ark of the covenant sideways died right there on the spot!

    I guess I understand the logic....what a minute; I don't.


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