Bible stories swept under the carpet

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  • SickofLies

    Here's my favorite scripture:

    Song of Solomon 8:1 "O that you were like a brother of mine, sucking the breasts of my mother! Should I find you outside, I would kiss you. People would not even despise me.

    8:8 "We have a little sister that does not have any breasts. What shall we do for our sister on the day that she will be spoken for?"

  • nicolaou
    Your off again, Nicolau. Do some research and see the laws regarding foreigners or captives in Israel. These ones would become family members. God's wrath is indeed terrible to behold, is it not?

    Good to see you again to oh great Shining One!

    Tell me, why is god so sexist? Why would he command "kill every male among the little ones"and in the same decree state "preserve alive for yourselves all the little ones among the women"? And why specifically all the little girls who were virgins?

    And you really should stop hiding behind Jesus. It's all very well saying that Jesus showed us a more loving way and that we don't live under Law any longer and that the 'Old Testament' has been replaced by the new. Bullshit. It's the same vindictive, genitally obsessed, bully of a god you are bowing down to.

    Get off your knees man.

  • PoppyR

    Haven't got anything intelligent to add! But this thread has been so enlightening.

    The god of the old testamant and the Jesus of the new, they are not only not the same person, i dont even think they are the same species. How can those two be reconciled?

    I was always horrified that the JWS would parade the story about Lot being willing to send his daughters out to be raped and murdered to protect the angel who in theory could have wiped out the whole nation in one night!

    That and Job.. How did it make it all ok for him to lose 10 grown up children because he got some more... oh joys! And what about them? How is that fair, just because Jehovah did not intervene the devil supposedly wiped them all out.

    As each day goes by I shake my head more and more that I was so gullible. The bible reads like a grimms fairytale and is just as realistic.


  • nicolaou
    The god of the old testamant and the Jesus of the new, they are not only not the same person, i dont even think they are the same species.

    And always remember Poppy that Jesus never condemned God for anything he had done, rather he insisted that his Father should be praised! He also claimed to be the perfect reflection of his Father/God. "He who has seen me has seen the Father".

    Jesus is not much better than his old man, it still all boils down to "follow me or I'll kill you".


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Then Susanna cried out with a loud voice, and the two elders shouted against her. And one of them ran and opened the garden doors. When the household servants heard the shouting in the garden, they rushed in at the side door to see what had happened to her. And when the elders told their tale, the servants were greatly ashamed, for nothing like this had ever been said about Susanna. The next day, when the people gathered at the house of her husband Joakim, the two elders came, full of their wicked plot to have Susanna put to death.....

    Then Susanna cried out with a loud voice, and said, "O eternal God, who dost discern what is secret, who art aware of all things before they come to be, thou knowest that these men have borne false witness against me. And now I am to die! Yet I have done none of the things that they have wickedly invented against me!" The Lord heard her cry. And as she was being led away to be put to death, God aroused the holy spirit of a young lad named Daniel; and he cried with a loud voice, "I am innocent of the blood of this woman."

    All the people turned to him, and said, "What is this that you have said?" Taking his stand in the midst of them, he said, "Are you such fools, you sons of Israel? Have you condemned a daughter of Israel without examination and without learning the facts? Return to the place of judgment. For these men have borne false witness against her."

  • Odrade

    "susanna cried out"
    Now that is really a story I have never heard!

  • jgnat

    "Shining One". There's a few reasons I posted this now, but I do find it interesting that some verses are higlighted more than others these days, in ANY church. Is it possible that some of the old bible stories have lost relevance? Like you say they're not the kind of stories you share with a Sunday School of littlun's.

    BTW. What is denegration? It's not in my dictionary.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie


    1. To attack the character or reputation of; speak ill of; defame.
    2. To disparage; belittle: The critics have denigrated our efforts.
  • jgnat

    Aha, the "i" escaped me.

    Hey, I'm not knocking the bible here, just questioning it's spotty use.

  • lowden

    Hey Nicolau

    You got there before me with the bloke with the Syd Barret looking avatar. He that tries to excuse the 'Barbarian' god. Thank FECK somebody thinks straight.



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