Questions You'd Like To Ask DOZY & Does Dozy have enough faith to answer?

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  • wombat

    Dozy..Sure I are old and tired....It's all too hard...Why do you even try..It's a lost cause.

  • whyizit

    Thanks for replying to a couple of my questions, Dozy! I appreciate that you are at least willing to go over this a little. I personally have never been a JW. It gives me a new perspective to hear from someone who actually believes it all and why.

    The first question you addressed was Luke 17:21. I think you may have misunderstood my question. Do you have a KIT? I am looking at the original Greek word-for-word translation in the KIT. Are you telling me that this word-for-word translation of the original Greek by the WTS Greek scholars IS NOT ACCURATE? You are saying they messed up the original Greek, right? I don't understand why you would point me toward other translations to prove your point, because I thought these are not accepted by the WTS as accurate translations? What other translation do you personally use?

    And, could you please show me which of these other translations refer to the Word as "a god" in John 1:1? Surely there has to be one. I've looked in about 40 different ones, but the only one I found was by a Johannes Greber, and he is a spiritist, who claimed spirits showed him what words to use in his translation. So that surely can't be the one the WTS is using.

    Could you please look up the credentials of the translators? I would like to know how long they studied Greek, where they studied at, etc.... That is a reasonable request, don't you think? (I mean, I've taken a couple of classes in Russian language, and no way should I be translating a Bible! I would have to study for years. If I did translate a Bible, I would think my knowledge of the language, or lack of, would become an issue. And rightly so.)

    I actually know a lady from Greece, who speaks the language fluently and who has a BIBLE in the original Greek language. I asked her to read that verse to me from her BIBLE. Guess what? ("WAS THE GOD" , not "a god".) Definitely a difference in the way they arrange their words, but says the same thing as my KJV, NIV, etc.... I actually showed her the NWT and asked what she thought. She gave me a pretty long explanation about the Greek language and why this NWT is not accurate in it's translation of this verse.

    On to the next answer you gave. The explanation about the 1925, 1975 and the ones who gave up having children and are now elderly with no one to care for them. I think it is wonderful that your KH looks like a Kindergarten! (I assume by this, you mean happy, smiling children who are playing and participating in age appropriate activities.) I've never heard of that in any of the KH in my area.

    But that really was not my question. I'm not even asking about the WTS's excuses or appologies on this subject. I AM asking this:

    A lot of these people gave up their prime working years to go to Bethel. Since they are volunteers, they are not getting paid. Therefore, they have not paid into Social Security. Which means, they will not qualify for these benefits in their old age. What kind of pention plan or housing arrangements has the WTS prepared for those who have been so faithful to them? What kind of medical assistance? I am well aware of the prime real estate they have aquired, and just wondered if any of this is to be used for assisted living for the elderly who have no one or no place to go after spending their entire lives as hard-working servants to the WTS?

    These are questions that I really feel need to be addressed. Along with the others I mentioned.

    I'm not trying to pressure you. If you feel like you just don't know and you need time to look into it, that is okay. I can wait. But I would appreciate it if you would answer my actual question. Like I said earlier, I think it is great that your KH looks like a kindergarten, but that was not what I was asking.

    Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.


  • Legolas
    In fairness , you know the answers to these questions from a Jehovah's witness standpoint and could probably answer them better than I could

    No way...Did you even READ my questions?

    I asked.........So what are your doubts?

    What would you like to ask or know?

    How am I supposed to know the answers to these questions!

  • Berean

    Dozy is not a Witness in "good standing", otherwise they would not be here. A so called "Witness" in good standing, and following the Governing Body, would absolutely NEVER even look at this site. One would have to conclude that they are a "Troll" on this site.

    Why encourage such a person?

  • AuldSoul

    Yes, I have one. One that has not ever been answered by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society despite direct request by letter and by phone that they do so. One that has not been answered directly by my father (local PO) or by the CO, Brother Griffiths, or by any of the other elders on the local BOE.

    I do not anticipate Dozy will answer it either for the same reason. Not because the answer is difficult to arrive at, but because the answer damns the WTS of applying a different standard to itself than it applies to everyone else.

    Dozy, is the UN/DPI (as distinguished from the UN), in its own right, a secular organization with objectives contrary to the Bible and is it under judgement by God?

    I hope you will answer, but I don't expect you to. Those much higher up the JW food chain than yourself refused to answer it. It won't diminish my respect for you, it will just weaken my "trust" in your judgement a bit.


  • AuldSoul


    Dozy is not a Witness in "good standing", otherwise they would not be here. A so called "Witness" in good standing, and following the Governing Body, would absolutely NEVER even look at this site. One would have to conclude that they are a "Troll" on this site.

    I disagree. Completely. I believe Dozy is not only a Witness in good standing, but is currently serving as an elder (probably SO or PO) in a local congregation somewhere. I do not believe Dozy is a troll.

    I believe Dozy is here to try and influence lurkers and JWs with doubts to move away from this site and to have stringer confidence in the Governing Body's direction. I see Dozy as someone with incredibly honorable intentions doing exactly what his conscience motivates him to do, despite the fact that his choice walks a fine line between overstepping GB directions.

    This is the course of action someone who understands conscience would take, and is the reason I sign posts to him "Respectfully." Dozy strikes me as a man of a very high degree of integrity and that is a quality I admire and respect very much, whether I agree with the person or not.

    Why encourage such a person?

    Because lurkers and current JWs need to see our engagements with those (like Dozy and A Friend In Need) who come here to save them from the dreaded apostates. You don't have to engage them if you choose not to, Berean. But why discourage others from doing so?


  • mkr32208

    Dozy seems like a nice guy, leave him alone.

    Pick on the jerks like PMJ brownhole defd sword of jah fools like that, leave the sincere alone...

  • MinisterAmos


    If you go to a restaurant tonight and the silverware has only a small bit of food caked on it from the previous user, would you accept it and use it?

    If you purchase a new car and only one of the tires is flat, would you accept it?

    We know that God is perfect. Do you agree that the Tower is not?

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    imo Dozy has been respectful and sincere.He doesnt strike me as a troll at all.

    The disrespect has come from certain posters towards him...even the title of this thread may seem a little intimidating to him.....

  • MinisterAmos

    So JWs should not participate in accepting food stamps, welfare, disability, social security, medicare, etc....RIGHT? Doesn't make sense to take money from Satan, now does it?

    Damn man, the KH here runs shuttles to the food stamp office; even some Pioneers are receiving benefits including Section 8 housing. Absolutely NO SHAME WHATSOEVER and blatantly hypocritical.

    Of course many of them were discouraged fromeducation

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