Your frst ever computer

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  • unique1

    I had a hand me down Commodor 64 and all you could play on it was dos based games.

  • ballistic

    dos wasn't around in the days of the Commodore64 although it did have a disk operating system of sorts. Graphics and sound on the Commodore 64 was amazing for it's time courtesy of the SID and VIC chips.

  • confusedjw

    Timex / Sinclair ZX81 (if you don't count the Univac 20/20 I maintained, but I didn't own it)

  • wombat

    Is this off the thread...?

    I made big bucks selling electronic calculators back in the '60s. It was small enough to fit into my briefcase. This little Sanyo baby could do all four functions plus had a memory. It incorporated the newly-deveoped of integrated circuit.

    The demo to the prospect was fantastic. I'd ask them to give me an impossible calculation (say, divide 1 by 7), do it and show them. They couldn't believe it. No noise and straight away.

    It cost about a year's wages which was cheap. The previous models cost about three years wages and didn't have a memory to accumulate totals. About the size of a sewing machine.

    Gee I'm old. Might have a Milo and go to bed.

  • Dismembered

    Tandy Sensation 1991


  • unclebruce

    Yep miloman, calculators have advanced beyond our wildest dreams


  • luna2
    no, no, no! you mentioned the "toy" word. These computers are very serious ok?

    ballistic, I take my computer very seriously now...but back then, I didn't see the point. The word processing program we had was extremely primative and didn't work very well...Many times as I was trying to type a letter or a report for my son, I cursed at the stupid thing and wished for a nice typewriter. Seemed like all that first 'puter was for was entertainment for the kids.

    wombat, what's a Milo?

    Can I go home now? My workday is only two hours old and it's already crap. I have the kind of headache where my vision is screwed up (white spots in front of my eyes, etc...)

  • wombat

    Luna 2...

    It's a hot chocolate milk drink that old people have to help them sleep and build up the calcium in their frailing bones. Like..I remember having a crystal radio. Bet no one here knows what I'm talking about.

  • daystar

    Excellent topic!

    TI99/4A in the hizzle!


    Cassette deck to save my BASIC programs and even a voice synth module plugged in tthe back.

    Later, like a lot of you, I moved on to the C64. My first PC was a Compaq Prolinea:

  • unclebruce

    A crystal radio to die for (mine was made in dads shed with some barbed wire a toilet roll and a plank lol


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