Your frst ever computer

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  • Mulan

    Mine was a Mac, small screen, about 6" square, and had 1 MB of RAM. Came with a dot matrix printer. I can't even imagine using that thing now. It was in the early 90's. I think it was a 125, but might be wrong about that. It looked like this one, but I think this is newer.

  • ballistic
    I got an A: prompt faster than when windows loads

    Thats not at all suprising when you know what's involved. If you think about it, a machine like a commodore 64 boots in a fraction of a second. But to load a 64k game would take about 5 minutes, your current computer 5 milliseconds.

  • misspeaches

    We had an Atari video console way back when. we used to plug our cartridges into the top of it to play the games.

    Then we got a commodore 64 and had games on cassette tapes. We had the first one in the neighbourhood and were very proud of it! LOL.

    Do you guys remember when remote controls first came out. i remember when we had them connected by a cable to the VCR and people constantly tripping on them.

  • ballistic
    Do you guys remember when remote controls first came out. i remember when we had them connected by a cable to the VCR and people constantly tripping on them.

    My friend had a VERY early remote control system that used high frequency sound. They found that if someone shook the money box, the channel would flip over.

  • Confession

    AuldSoul! I had the same computer. (TRS-80 Color Computer...64K) I had previously learned on a regular TRS-80 starting in 1981 at my High School. It was originally 16K. By the time I was a senior, I was the only person who took the advanced class, so my work consisted of creating programs for the various teachers in the school. On my free time, I created a bunch of video games. I made a pretty functional Asteroids game. A friend of mine made a Frogger game. Incredibly fun stuff

  • jstalin

    LOL - mine was a Tandy Color Computer III, 128k of RAM, baby!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    ah first computer - a 286. It wasn't new but I was terrified of crashing it.

    But I learned how to use the programs DOS based programs.

    Then I bought a new 486 running Win3.5. Then the real learning started.

    I also learned how to install a modem, put in a new hard drive, add memory and change the disk drive. And YES it still ran after I put it back together

  • Honesty
  • silentWatcher

    1986 -- apple IIe -- 128 KB of RAM. I was 8 years old.

  • Jim_TX

    <div>Hmmm... well... I'm so old... they didn't have computers when I was a lad.

    I had to build my own - a SwTPC (Southwest Technical Products Corporation) 6800.

    It was a kit - but I couldn't afford to buy it as such... and only bought the bare PC Boards, and then ordered the parts from electronic parts distributors.

    I soldered it all together... the first major project I had ever done (I was only about 19 or 20), and was surprised when it actually worked the first time when powered up.

    It was slow - I don't remember the clock speed (Probably something blazingly fast like 2MHz), and it initially had 2k RAM.

    I later expanded it to 4k RAM, so I could run Tom Pitman's Tiny Basic which ran in 2k.

    I had an ASR33 Teletype with papertape punch/reader - for storing the programs on.

    I learned a lot from that computer... but when the VIC-20's came out with a whopping 5kRAM, and BASIC built-in... well, I jumped over to the Commodore line of computers.

    VIC-20... C-64... B-128... Amiga 1000... Amiga 4000... Amiga 500... etc.

    But I still have fond memories of my SwTPC loading Tiny Basic, while I ate my supper... and 5 minutes later - the ASR33 kerchunking to a halt - finishing the papertape load. Let's see... that would be back in 1976 - 1979.


    Jim TX


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