Bethel Police pulled me over for a violation

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  • Woofer

    My favorite is not being allowed to wear ankle bracelets.

    I remember being at an assembly and the speaker said that ankle bracelets are telling people to "look me up . . . .and look me down".


    I now own about 4!!! Oh and I even got a tattoo!

  • orangefatcat

    You know what really pissed me off big time.? Well our congregation had parites with themes such as the fifties and sixties, and alot of the witnesses came in leathers and chains, faded jeans, hair slicked back with a little , dab will do you" shit. and others wore hippie stiyled clothes and peace symbols around their necks. Well isn't that the most hypocrtiical thing. Gee if on the Sunday at the WAtchtower Study someone dressed the way they did on saturday at that party there would be alot of people visiting the little back room or library to be repremanded for wearing clothes that are not considered so called "Christain attire", sheesh I seen so much shit like this it was unbelievalbe.

    One elders daughter wore an aline shirt with the line open to the top of her hips. She was always given parts at the meetings and assemblies and she would still wear those shirts. Even at the meetings counsel was given to the cong. that sisters should not wear skirts with openings that are long up to the buttucks. I can see this sister smirk everytime something was said about attire at the meeting in the service and in our homes and when we are out in the so called worldy places.

    figure if they want to dress what ever way they want and their elder fathers or wives make no effort to change then why be a JW in the first place. If they can't obey now how will they obey in the so called new world.

    just an observation on my part.



  • Elsewhere
    I now own about 4!!! Oh and I even got a tattoo!


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