Bethel Police pulled me over for a violation

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  • What-A-Coincidence

    Wearing faded jeans ONLY AS A BETHELITE is a cause for concern for the Governing Body.

    I had jeans that were not totally faded as the "world" would consider them. So one freaken' weekend as I passed by a WT building, a tightwod Bethel Elder (now just an Elder) asked me how I was doing (bla bla bla). He said he was giving a public talk that weekend on how we should not be a part of the world. I said, that's nice. Apparently he had the outline with him since he was practicing and he read to me something to the affect of how our attire should not reflect the norms of the world. I said why of course we should not model the world. Then he told me, what do you think of the jeans you are wearing? I said, well, they are not so bad. He said I should reflect on what he said. Dam beotch. I listened to him and changed my pants. I guess I was the bigger beotch. Damm bastard! I wear those jeans now with pride.

    Had anyone else known about the faded jeans doctrine?

    What do you think of the bastard? No not gumbo. :-)

    What should I have done? Should have I undressed right there in front of BrokeBack Mountain Farm???

  • unique1

    They mostly got on to us for the ripped and faded jeans. They never said faded without ripped in the sentance. You should have just looked at him, said "Thanks, I will keep that in mind." Then you should have just went on with the rest of your day and not changed clothes.

  • undercover

    Way back in the 1980s...I know, I know, ancient history...there was a big to-do about wearing acid washed and ripped jeans.

    A couple of brothers in our hall purchased acid-washed, pre-ripped jeans for wearing out on weekends to, ***gasp*** clubs and bars. The fad met with an untimely demise in our congregation well before they were out of style with the rest of the world. Our young brothers received much needed counsel from the elders about copying the fads of the world.

    I owned a couple pairs of faded out, torn jeans. They weren't purchased that way, they go that way from working in construction. I did get a couple of "reminders" about copying fads, but I just commented that I wasn't being fadish, I was busy working and torn clothing is the result of hard work.

  • Legolas
    What should I have done? Should have I undressed right there in front of BrokeBack Mountain Farm???


  • onesong

    W-A-C, I gotta tell you, even though it makes me angry when I think about things like this that happened, I now mostly just feel bad for them. It's almost unbelievable how judgemental and small their world really is.

    I remember at a Watchtower study one day the PO commented on how the young man in the illustration was displaying a "worldly" attitude by having gel in his hair. You should've seen the look on the WT readers face and everyone else who had some sort of chemical hair control!

    This guy practically rules the cong. now. A red-headed German who has his hair groomed "correctly" and all his ducks in a row. Anyone who doesn't follow the example is, you know, "following Satan's world".

    Indeed a psychological prison.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    I guess I listened to the bastard since, if I didn't he would speak to my Bethel Elders, then when they would consider my appointment for Bethel Elder they would bring that up. I only obeyed because I wanted to move up in the org. not for anything else.

    Funny thing is that ALL THE CONSTRUCTION CREW had to buy new jeans. It looked so funny, they all had dark colored blue jeans.

  • Rabbit

    Oh, yeah...the WT HATES f a d e r s . . .

  • morwen

    I kind of hope they keep it up.The more they inforce stupid crap like this the more it pisses people off.Especially the young people.And it gives them one more reason to ask questions or out right rebel.The more everyone gets upset (for one reason or another) the faster they are to walk away and all the faster the great tower falls.So BRING IT ON you mind controling rats!

  • greendawn

    The point is that the WTS as an organisation is modelled after the world their mentality is very worldly (lust for power, being self interested, lying profusely, being uncharitable) so they don't have the right to judge anyone for being too worldly, and wearing faded jeans doesn't really harm anybody.

  • Virgochik

    Did he also check your shoes, underwear and grooming? Were you given a citation?

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