In what condition are your roads where you live?

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  • JH

    Here in Quebec, the roads are horrible. Not only in my town, but the whole province, the road infrastructure is falling apart.

    Just to give an example... On the street where I live, the road wasn't paved in 40 years. Much of the city is like that, and all you see is pot holes, patches, and huge cracks everywhere.

    You'd believe that they don't want to pave just before Armageddon....would be a waste of money

  • Crumpet

    The roads near me have humps - loads of them, so you can't get above 20 mph before you encounter another suspension destroying speed hump!

    Everytime I hear the blackeyed peas song my Humps I think of road humps in my village!

  • OpenFireGlass
  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Good grief how did the national news miss that Armagedon had hit California ?

  • BlessedStar

    Where I live the road has been patched up because the water people always have to dig. They pave the road back but it's so much higher than before you have to be careful not to break your tail when you're entering your gate.


  • Judc

    I think the roads in Arizona are the best I've seen. ADOT stays on top of things, IMO. Cross over into New Mexico (especially) or California and it's crap.

  • stillajwexelder


  • inbyathread

    OFG - Are those pictures of Hwy 101? Coast Highway. We say much of that in southern Oregon.

  • crazyblondeb

    Here in Missouri I think they use the portion of the tax money marked for roads, to go out and get drunk. Either that, or no one is paying taxes!


  • Genesis

    Hey you old crook, our roads rocks(are full of) ok ! :P

    Those people at the "voirie" are working full time on our roads and helping contributing to the local ecomomy by taking breaks at the Tim Horton so dont be hard on our system calisse !

    BTW in Lac-St-Jean roads are awful too...


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