In what condition are your roads where you live?

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  • daniel-p

    "OFG - Are those pictures of Hwy 101? Coast Highway. We say much of that in southern Oregon."
    The last pic is, but 101 is not the "coast highway" - that's highway 1. The last pic looks like the bend just north of Confusion Hill, where CALTRANS has a bypass planned that will cost over 100 million dollars, I believe.

  • OpenFireGlass
  • OpenFireGlass
  • serendipity

    In the DAllas area, it depends on which suburb you're in and who is responsible for maintenance (city, county, state). Most of our city streets are in good shape and can handle the traffic. The roads that are state maintained are iffy and are overcrowded.

  • misspeaches

    where I live the roads are really good but LOTS OF ROUNDABOUTS! Seriously you would get dizzy from them!

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