Understanding Women

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  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Women are easy.

    "Would you like some more shoes?"

    Solves EVERYTHING!


  • Golf

    My wife would apply that cartoon to me. Oh, how's is it that we're able to 'understand' God better than women?


  • unclebruce


    Great, make a girl shark angry - that's gonna help us surfers

    It's simple to work out really - to find the truth, just apply the exact oposite of "watchtower widom" - therefore; women are ruled by logic whereas us men are ruled by our emotions

  • ballistic
    Ballistic - That doesn't sound like your usual kind of answer. And where's da balloon?

    The balls gone. Was you expecting some half witted answer like usual? I'm multi-faceted you know.


    You know those pictures where you're supposed to circle the things that are wrong with the picture? This is one of those...

    Look at those dumb-ass fake beads around her neck! Tacky immediately comes to mind! (Pick out something stylish for a woman!)

    No shoes or clothes...that would make even the nicest woman mad!

    No furniture...sitting against a rock! Insidious! (Did he even offer that she could sit against his back and he sit next to the rock?)

    No RING on her fin yet! Probably been together for ages!!! DUH?

    No flowers or box of chocolates, or card, just asking a BUNCH of DUMB questions, no real meaningful conversation....(he probably forgot this was their 10th anniversary of being together!)

    The moron who wrote this doesn't deserve to have a meaningful relationship...he's hopeless....

    It's not that women have to have the best of everything...it's the thought that counts the most!!!

    I could go on, but I have better things to do today!


  • GentlyFeral


    When women expect you to "just know" what's wrong, maybe it's because you've forgotten this anniversary, lobbed that insult, had this argument, or generally screwed up in the same way, before. More than once, even.
    Fine -tell me.

    I generally do.

    I will appologize - make up for it as best as I can - and move on. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO MIND READ

    Stipulated. But still, the time comes when a man should remember – in advance.

    I'm not going into the whole "he should just know" crapola, 'cause I don't play that.


    Ive read most of the books on relationships. But the best one I ever read believe it or not was a book about successful relationships written by a couple of guys.
    Title, please?

    gently feral

  • Got Milf?
    Got Milf?

    For me, I don't get upset at my man easily, its just not worth the trouble to fight over trivial things. But, at the same time, I do expect to be treated the way I treat him, which is with love and respect. I am a very open person, and I tell him almost everything, even things he probably doesnt want to hear about me (pms-ing, etc...lol). Right now though, I'm debating on whether to talk to him about something important or not because I dont want to cause trouble, and I dont know whether the issue is really that important to make a point of talking to him about it.

    We've been together since September of 2005, and we still have not had a single argument. You heard me right, NOT ONE! But lately he has been upsetting me a little because he procratinates everything! We have decided that we want to buy a house. (well, he decided and then told me, and of course I got excited about it,) And what are we doing? Nothing right now. drives me crazy! Then, we were fixing his other car so I had something to drive when I go back to work (April 3rd). he told me that he was going to pay for it with his income tax return and put the car in the shop the first week of March. Ok, well, I got my income tax return back and got well over what I had expected, so he told me I could pay for the car to be fixed. I have no problem with that at all because he is giving me his car to drive and I offered to pay anyways. The problem lies here: It is now almost time for me to go back to work, he only just last week took the car in to the shop, and I wont get the car back until Saturday or Sunday (the DAY before I go back to work). I am not one to leave things to the last minute, so when he does this it drives me nuts. At the same time, I dont want to get upset at him over nothing, nut im tired of him getting me all excited about things and then letting me down. What the hell do I do?!!



  • luna2
    "Would you like some more shoes?"

    Substitute books or a new computer, and that would work for me....probably.

  • daystar
    The advantage that a great deal many women have over men is to be able to understand the communication dillemma's between the sexes with more objectivity, rather than pure subjectivity. Perhaps you say this is a culmination of the more simple male logic, but I think it's just a case of you guys still catching up with the program...it's an evolutionary process and great deal many of you ape men are somewhat lagging on the vector of progress lol!

    That's just hilarious... I don't care who you are.

  • NiecyMe

    Well....I think that women should just say what is on there mind. That is my way of doing things...but, gee...it seems that dating really has slowed down seens.. Men are so use to women's metamessages that they don't know what the hell to think about a women that says what is on her mind.

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