Understanding Women

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  • jojochan

    Hey...when you know the secret....FILL ME IN! o.k.?


  • Poodles

    Dear Clam

    Try as you might you will never understand us!

  • stillajwexelder

    When women expect you to "just know" what's wrong, maybe it's because you've forgotten this anniversary, lobbed that insult, had this argument, or generally screwed up in the same way, before. More than once, even.

    Fine -tell me. I will appologize - make up for it as best as I can - and move on. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO MIND READ

  • anewme

    Ive read most of the books on relationships. But the best one I ever read believe it or not was a book about successful relationships written by a couple of guys. It was a no nonsense expose of what they like and what they dont like in a woman. It was such an eye opener to hear from a guys perspective how they react to a womans behaviour. I still use the information I read from that book. The information gave me some tools to be better at interacting with men.

    But the info sickens alot of militant feminists out there so I wont give away any examples freely.

    One secret I will share is RESPECT. Both men and women desire to be shown respect for their thoughts as well as their persons.

    Both men and women want to feel LOVED AND DESIRED.

    Everyone enjoys a partner who will LISTEN QUIETLY AND SHOW INTEREST in what you have to say.

    And no one wants to live with a Dull Dora or a Couch Potato Bob! So BEING A FUN PARTNER is also important!! ARE YOU FUN?????

    Alright thats all for now.

  • stillajwexelder

    ARE YOU FUN????? I am certainly not boring


    Clam...I'm mad at you for starting this idiotic thread! There!


  • stevenyc

    Been living with women for over 20 years.

    Don't know a THING about women!


  • Scully


    You know why men don't understand women? Because we don't want you to understand us. It's kind of like when you're in the company of others who speak a different language and they converse in that language, glance over at you and laugh. You know you're the target of the joke, but you don't get what's so funny.

    Just kidding. Really.

  • Frog

    What I think perhaps you confused guys seem to not realise is that this apparent mystery of the inner workings of the femal mind is only a mystery to you, to us, and between us, it mostly makes for a whole lot of common sense! lol

    <- (juxtaposition)->

    The advantage that a great deal many women have over men is to be able to understand the communication dillemma's between the sexes with more objectivity, rather than pure subjectivity. Perhaps you say this is a culmination of the more simple male logic, but I think it's just a case of you guys still catching up with the program...it's an evolutionary process and great deal many of you ape men are somewhat lagging on the vector of progress lol!

    frog x

  • trevor

    Accountants understand women !

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