Understanding Women

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  • FlyingHighNow

    I found out, very pleasantly, that men and women can TOO communicate. It took a man 14 1/2 years my junior to show me. We don't have any problem letting each other know when there's a problem, how we feel about any matter, when something is good or whatever is going on. He's not emotionally distant or unavailable. As you all should know from my thousands of posts, I don't have any problem expressing myself.

    Women aren't such mysterious creatures, you just have to get one you can actually communicate with. And fellas, you can't judge how well she can communicate with YOU by her bra size, okay? Marry a women for her luscious ta tas and that might be all you get. Not saying you can't have a women with luscious ta tas that can also get along with you, I'm just saying that you need to look for more than just visually pleasing ta tas,or whatever body part you're drawn to.


    FHN...maybe that's my problem...I need to go for the younger guys!!! Demi and Ashton seem to be doing quite well!!!

    Glad to know your relationship is working out....


  • osmosis

    hmm y'know, I don't think any woman has EVER pulled that "if you don't know I'm not gonna tell you" kind of crap with me. Never myself played nor had to deal with any kind of mind games.

    Supposedly the main difference between men and women is that women are better at "literary" or communication-oriented tasks, while men have the advantage in spatial relations (solving 3-D problems, for example).

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