What food do you enjoy?

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  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis
    Tell us what you enjoy eating and what are some of the specialities or interesting recipes in your country or region.

    When I have the time I love to make baked spaghetti w/bacon topping it. Michigan doesn't have much of a specialty in any particular food. Save for cherries and apples. Traverse City is known for it's cherry festivals. meagan

  • JH


  • Finally-Free

    Lately I've been addicted to stuffed peppers.


  • kittyeatzjdubs

    Bacon, cheese, ranch dressing, potatoes, bread, tomatoes, seafood of any kind, beef, chicken, all fruits and veggies.....

    I just like food dammit!!!

    The only thing I don't like is whole milk...it has to be 2% or skim...preferably Silk soymilk (plain or chocolate)

    luv, jojo

  • OpenFireGlass
    specialities or interesting recipes in your country or region.

    Humboldt County Ganja Goo-Balls... Or most anything with green butter..

  • daystar

    Hey OFG, Humboldt County Ganja Goo-Balls sound interesting. Do you have a recipe you could PM to me? I'm not having any luck googling it.

  • OpenFireGlass

    any variation(add dried fruit, chocholate chips, coconut, etc) of the recipe found here...


    will do the trick

  • RubaDub

    Dunkin' Donuts

    Reminds me of all the times growing up in the Northeast that we would stop for a break in service ... oppppsss ....wait a minute ... I'm getting flashbacks.

    Rub a Dub

  • delilah

    Anything Italian, especially homemade lasagna.....and I love ribeye steak and ribs, with baked potato and sour cream, corn on the cob, and a ceasar salad.......MMMM, can you smell the barbecue???

  • daystar

    Thanks OFG! I found a recipe for the butter as well. I've got a couple of regular bakers around here I'm going to pass this by. Hell, they probably already have heard about it or tried it. But they always seem to go with brownies or muffins, so maybe not.

    Thanks again.

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