mother and sister in law ask if we believe it's the 'truth'?

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  • Snoozy

    Yep..I had the same situation..except hubby gave in and went back..a dark day for us.(His family were all JW's)

    He really believed it was the truth..all the way till he died. Yep..they had no love in his end..they were too busy getting the assembly hall ready for the circuit overseers visit to visit him. He thought god was mad at him for not going to the hall regular and that's why "Jehovah" wouldn't let them visit him.It made him so sad in his final days..he died thinking god didn't love him.

    I waited for them to come visit me after he they said they would..I was ready to let them have it..they of course never usual. He wasn't any good to them dead..And why bother with me.A lowly woman..

    But if they ever come to the door...Watch out!!!!!!!!!

    Snoozy..who went through the shunning and yet later they decided it was OK to associate with me.Go figure...

  • sass_my_frass

    Sorry guys, it sounds like a bad time. Sadly, I can see this happening: they get home in shock, and in absence of any sound input from you, got to the publications and the elders for advice, where they're assured that if they martyr their family love they'll get into paradise. I say: get in first, and show them how much you love them, and that there are alternatives to the limitations they are set!

    Give them lessons in true love!

  • mkr32208

    It's a crappy damn religion isn't it...

    Sorry for you...

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