Apostafest Caption Comp ~ Apostates Only! ~ BBQ Book Prize

by unclebruce 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • Scully

    OK this one isn't a serious contender, but I just couldn't resist teasing unclebruce.

    unclebruce and Mrs. out for a leisurely Sunday afternoon ride.

  • unclebruce

    ROTFL at Scully.. I think we have a winner! If the entries get too good I'll have to draw the winner from a hat.

  • Finally-Free

    Cheap f*ckin JWs are even simplifying™ their baptismal pools!


  • Scully

    Australia's Prime Minister Unveils New National Symbol: "We decided on something that Typifies™ the Australian spirit"

    ok.... I'm done poking fun at unclebruce (for now).

  • stealyourface

    When you said 'let's play poker', I thought you meant we'd all be 'avin a go with Ewenice!

  • funkyderek

    How to make a woolly jumper!

    (Way too obvious, I know)

  • unclebruce

    BBTTT. These photos are pretty bad - what wasn't I thinking!

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Geez I get crucified for showing a tasteless vid about hot dogs and yet brucey can go putting Roo porn up and no one says a bloody word!

    It's so not fair

  • misspeaches

    BTTT.... I think this is hilarious

  • unclebruce

    You never got crucified Doc ..people jusy wometed on you is all... lol ..Actually you inspired this thread
    == Note: To keep the conversation spiritual - you can look up sheep, wolves, shepherds and motorbikes in your bible index.

    Spiritual replies will gain extra credit on judment day.

    ".. And if he happens to find it, I certainly tell YOU, he rejoices more over it than over the ninety-nine that have not strayed. Matthew 18:12 & 13

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