Unclebruce..can we start over?

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  • uninformed

    Somebody said that the Aussies and the Brits were all family.

    Yeah, the Aussies are the re-headed step-children.


  • unclebruce

    We are a nation of far more than European decent, not least of which are the survivors of white invasion and settlement.

    A map of Australia showing the Nations of the oldest living culture on earth.

  • lola28

    Dr. Jekyll


    you are freaking funny, will you be my friend?


  • uninformed


    pretty neat layout of Australia.

    The printing was real small and could make out only that the colored areas were different tribes, is that correct?

    I had no idea it was that diversified. Are most of the tribes related? Aborigines? How much mixture of the Aborigines has there been with the Europeans?

    'bout all I know about 'down under' is it was a penal colony, has more poisonous critters than any place else on the planet, and the man from snowy river tracked and killed crocodile dundee.

    That's why I'm-------uninformed

  • misspeaches

    Right time to clarify a few matters...

    1. not all Aussies descend from convicts... My mums ancestors were but my dads ancestors were EARLY SETTLERS... the hob nobs of the towns...
    2. neighbours is a fantastic show! i love love love it! I laugh my head off every episode. If they ever stop showing it I shall be without my daily entertainment. Simpsons does not cut it for me....
    3. I have been down the same slippery dip as humphrey b bear
    4. I expect an invitation to the wedding
    5. I also expect an invitation to my Uncle Bruce's apostabbq
    6. There are no shrimps in Australia. That was a sneaky tourism ploy from the 80's that we used on you gullible yankees
  • mentalist

    Damn thread-jacking antipideans!(is that the right word?)

  • Golf
  • unclebruce

    g'day u,

    I posted the map above to give some idea of the diversity of indigenous culture here. A limited print run makes the map is very hard to get (even for indigenous studies students). People often say Australia is a new country - nothing could be further from the truth. 'New Australians' have learned much from the continents original inhabitants and readily absorbed the aboriginal sense of humour and fun (something often not appreciated or understood in serious discussion forums. lol). Australian indigenous history is truly awesome.

    Much is only now surfacing about the intricate nature of Aboriginal knowledge, belief and customs. Every leaf, every insect, every rock was/is studied as part of an intricate whole. Kids learn at there mothers knee to watch nature closely from smelling the wind to reading an ants tracks on the back of a gum leaf.

    One thing kept completely secret till recently linked/links tribes for thousands of miles from rainforests to deserts to temperate zones. This is a thing called "song lines". As a child one learns to 'read country' and 'sing up' its features whilst passing through.

    This served many purposes the most obvious was its use as a passport (ones ability to 'sing up' a tract of land proved your right to be there and could well save your life).

    This is far too wide a subject to even scratch the surface here.

    My father was a half caste "noonga" (a tribe in south east, South Australia), unclebruce.


    Forgive us Mentalist - it gets lonely down here - JWD is like having a room full of visitors (I keep getting up to put the the kettle on lol. she he has a nice bum!

  • ballistic

    morning uncle,

    which bit does Rolf Harris come from, ya know he is like a king over here... he is the king of Australia isn't he?

    we sing his anthem, "Tie me Kangaroo Down" every day.

  • unclebruce

    I think Rolf Harris was an English migrant and lived in Perth WA for a while. He came back here once to play Stairway to Heaven for Andrew denton (Australia's answer to the brilliant Ben Elton). I think his view/presentation of Australia is stuck in a timewarp (as is mine sometimes).

    Fidel Rolf? He is still the worlds fastest wall painter. Tie me stairway down sport:


    Bad ass Rolf and whatsis face:

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