We have a friend in need

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  • Mary

    Auld Soul-------at least you've got friends here on this board.



  • lola28

    Auld, if I had even a little bit of your courage I would have disassociated myself a while ago, but I am too much of a coward and it is people like you that make me believe that when I finally do it I will be okay. So thank you, you will be in my thoughts.


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Auld Soul,

    Although I am new posting here, I have appreciated your input on many different topics, as I lurked behind the curtain. I too, like your family, was afraid to listen to what my parents had found out. I was certain they were apostates. Yet here I am now! You just never know what may change a person and get them to wake up! So, take heart, there is definately hope! I never EVER dreamed I would be on this side of the organization. But here I am! And it was because of posters like you that helped me realise that this thing was ALOT bigger than I ever imagined. Pray for their hearts to soften, and open up to reason and TRUTH. In the meantime, you are not alone, we feel your pain and we are here for you!



  • sammielee24

    AS - what can I really say? Nothing really prepares you for what becomes your reality and it is gut wrenching for many of us to have to acknowledge that we matter so little to those we love and to whom we thought loved us. The road is long and sometimes lonely - it can be frustrating, overwhelming but at the same time joyous. Your posts are always articulate, thoughtful, considerate and helpful and it's a privilege and a pleasure to read what you have to say. Hang in there and take care...sammieswife.

  • IronClaw

    AuldSoul my friend, I take the liberty to call you such. My heart bleeds hearing this. You don't know how much your posts have help me when coming out. You were among the first to welcome me to the forum. You have been there when I needed help scanning things and hosted them for me. Your posts have put so many of the WTS teachings in the proper light. ( NOT NEW LIGHT ). Your intelligence and wit along with your blend of humor is second to none. How many times when I would see your name on a thread, I would always have to see what you had to say. You are truly admired by many here in this community. We will always be here for you, unconditionally. I don't know how much a Big ole Trucker can give, but what I have is yours for the asking .


  • MerryMagdalene



  • Golf

    AS, I read you post, glad to know your still 'upbeat' even though your experiencing negative fibes from your intimate family.

    Hmmmmm, just what Dr. Phil would say or do about this topic would be interesting. The question is, would he touch it?

    Take good care.


  • alamb

    I'm so sorry for your pain. I know we're a rag-tag group of walking wounded, but we are here. For everyone I have lost, I have gained back 10 remarkable people who helped me along who aren't walking away. You are one of those. Thank you.

  • misspeaches

    ((((AuldSoul)))) May your journey into your new life of freedom bring you many new friends who love you for who you are....

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis


    I am so sad to hear how you're hurting. You have been so kind to me and to all of us here.

    I'm shaking my head at the thought of your family and friends turning their backs on you. Those who we care for and care for us are forced to choose what they believe is Gods divine law and their loved ones. Part of me chooses to remain optimistic that one day they will see the 'light'.

    You are in my thoughts auldsoul.


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