Where were you when the realization hit, that the WTS was not in the truth?

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  • lovernotafighter

    I had doubts for a long time previous – being raised in “the lie” it was never my choice to be a JW.

    The last straw for me was several years after leaving home (early 90’s), I found out that almost all of the kids that I had known from my old congregation had been molested by various JW’s, including elders. We were lucky that I and my siblings were one of the few “untouched”. The MS that exposed the molestation and called for an outside investigation by the police was disfellowshipped. Many of those molesters continue to be active JW’s today.

    How can anyone support an organization that protects molesters?

    The 1914 Generation change in '95 was just the icing on the cake.

  • lovelylil

    The last meeting I went too, (when I was already seeing bible verses twisted to suit any purpose) was a WT study about 2 years ago. I dont remember which one exactly and I wish I kept it. But anyway, it was an article about the Apostle Paul being swept away into the paradise, or having a vision of paradise. And they were trying to say that this vision of paradise was that he saw into the future and saw a vision of us sitting in the kingdom hall reading the abundance of spiritual food that Jehovah was providing. anyway, it was pretty hard to swallow and I told my husband that the same word for paradise that Paul was using in the paragraph was the paradise that Jesus said to the man next to him on the CROSS (thats right I said it), "you will be with me in paradise". And it obviously meant the paradise once the kingdom was ruling. Not us sitting in the kingdom hall studying books and magazines. (the illustration was of the so called spiritual abundance of books we have) And Then the article went on to feed us the rest of the crock of bull**** about being in a spiritual paradise right now and that was what Paul was referring to. And how exciting it is that this is what Paul saw and we were having a part in it. Does anyone remember this one?

    Anyway, I sat there and fought the urge to grab the microphone and yell into it "does anyone believe this crock of s***, that they are trying to feed us?????? I was so upset and mumbling under my breath that my hubby told me to sit in the car. I told him after the meeting that if he made me go back, I swear to God I am going to stand up and go ballistic! That was my last meeting. I believe it was in October 2004.

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