Ironic hypocrisy of Bethel "service"

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  • TopHat

    What is the lead attorney's name?

  • james_woods

    123 Brimstone? Like in Brimstone Sarim? ( simple as 123... LOL ) Does he have a V12 Mercedes Benz? ( As Cadillac no longer holds the same prestige - ) What kind of Scotch does he drink? ( mere Glenlivet is probably not good enough - ). Most critical, is he "new annointed"?

    Hope we are not seeing the political process beginning toward a new Judge-President.

    Please, someone tell me this is NOT Judah Ben Schroeder!



    Speaking from experience I can say that Bethel service wasnt all that terrible. Then again I had an easy job, nice overseer and close congregation. The food was not the best all the time but it was free so I couldnt complain. You also get out of mommy and daddy's house and get all kinds of attention from desperate, sometimes hot, pioneer sisters who want to serve at Bethel. Besides at the time I thought I was really serving God when I was there. I have noticed that bethelites either turn into Company men after leaving or apostates. I was on my way to becoming a company man myself until I saw through the fog of lies that the GB was spewing forth. Now I realize that bethel is just a sugar coated sweatshop operating under the guise of a religion.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    It's amazing how people can be persuaded to believe they are serving their craetor when all they are doing is furthering the goals of a human organization. The amazing thing about many who give it all up to pioneer is that although it makes an effect on the worldwide growth, the dubs whould actually gain more members by simply being a little more moderate and community friendly. Instead they push those who believe into the ground with the cracking of the whip.

  • undercover
    Many of them join an elite group called the "Sea Org" where they become brainwashed slaves. There they work a hundred hour week for almost no pay.

    hmmm...kinda like the "Worldwide Order" that Bethelites are part of...

  • VM44

    50 hours over a 5 1/2 day workweek?

    Why did Bethel think it necessary to increase the working hours beyond the standard 40 hour work week?

    The Slavedrivers!


  • undercover
    50 hours over a 5 1/2 day workweek?

    and don't forget all the meetings, field service, personal's more like a hundred hour workweek. They may get room and board, but they are subject to the rules of the "home". No privacy, no money for extras, answering to all sorts of elders and Bethel elders.

    I know illegal immigrants that have it better.

    50 hours over a 5 1/2 day workweek?

    When I was there in the late 80's-early 90's it was 8-5 Mon-Fri with an hour for lunch and Saturday 8-12. That works out to 44 hrs a wk only.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Dear Top Hat:

    I believe they are referring to Paul Polidoro.

  • yucca

    What is sad is they are working for salvation. Jesus paid the price for our sins. It was a free gift. He laid down his life willingly. God does not require them to do this. Yucca

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