Ironic hypocrisy of Bethel "service"

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    We are constantly told not to miss meetings , don't let work interfere . If you do miss for work reasons your looked upon as weak..... A friend of mine has a son at Bethel right now. She confided in me she worries about him because his department is so busy he is required to work late which means missing meetings. This was a regular occurance over the summer. He worked on their vehicles. I guess it's a double standard , especially when an overseer needs an oil change.

  • FairMind

    MinisterAmos, I certainly appreciate your post. Your post was very refreshing in the way it pointed out WTS hypocrisy and the way they have damaged people. I also enjoyed the posts of the rest of this crew, especially those who shared the Bethel experienced views. Thank you.

  • JW_Researcher

    Minister Amos,

    I am unfamilar with the book you reference. Is it a WTBTS publication?

    Thank you.

  • VM44

    Perhaps it is the "Dwelling Together in Unity" book issued to Bethel workers.

    It would be nice if a PDF version of it could be made available for download.


  • JW_Researcher
    Perhaps it is the "Dwelling Together in Unity" book issued to Bethel workers.

    Thank you. I may have my copy from the early 1980s.... I will look perhaps this weekend.

  • juni

    I'm a spittin nails here.

    Yeppers. They want bros on the local level to give up Sat. work to be in Field Service, cut back on hrs. at work, pioneer during their vacations, put faith in Jehovah to provide in all of this. But what do they do? Again - IT DEPENDS WHO YOU ARE IN THIS ORG.

    They have volunteer help - milk it for all it's worth boys. Use 'em up and spit 'em out.

    Juni my rose just died for now

  • BluesBrother

    I think that Mary's post about the comment in April 15 2006 WT is worthy of repetition. I gulped when I read it too.. Just where are they coming from? Especially if the lads printing and packing the stuff are worked so hard they have to miss meetings.

    Page 16: "...Suppose you were thinking of accepting a job. Perhaps there is nothing immoral or inappropriate about the nature of the work. You will be able to attend Christian meetings and conventions. They paycheck will be more than you ever expected. The employer values your skill very highly and wants to use you to the fullest......Should anything hold you back from accepting the offer? Well, what if you foresee the possibility of your falling in love with the work. (yes, you read that right). You are told that you would not be forced to work overtime. But to finish a project, would you be willing to push yourself more than you should? Might such overtime become frequent? Could that take you away from your family and eventually from spiritual activities that you definitely should not miss

  • juni

    I know of a po who himself took overtime because he was of the age he didn't want to lose his job if he didn't, but he certainly had no problem counseling others. He most always took all the calls for Bible studies over the phone so he was out in the regular door to door very seldom.


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