A Reminder for Newbies of the Watchtowers False Predictions

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  • gumby
    In all honesty and without being rude to Gumby...i dont give a stuff about ancient JW history,they certainly dont.

    Mentalist. You DO realise you told an untruth don't you? As has been pointed out by Leolaia and Mary, the society's CURRENT belief structure is BASED on old history and their CURRENT literature is filled with events from those days. How can you possibly say they are not intrested in their past? You as do all witnesses, avoid their OWN defintion of a False prophet. You know for a fact of their false dates clear up to 1975 and them having a 100% failure rate....yet you say they are not false prophets. Let me ask you....what IS a false prophet? Feel free to look for your answer in the Watchtower. If I remember right, it's in the April 1st 1972 Watchtower( on april fools day)...believe it or not. I could be wrong about the year and I'm too damn lazy to look it up. Gumby

  • DannyHaszard

    The central CORE doctrine of the Watchtower,the reason they came into existence was to proclaim Jesus Christ second coming in 1914.For 50 plus years the masthead of the Watchtower,viewed when you opened up to the inside front cover would read as follows:

    "This magazine(Watchtower) builds up confidence in the Creators PROMISE of a peaceful and secure "new world" before the generation "that witnessed" the EVENTS OF 1914 passes away"". By their own admission the Watchtowers has published this dogma in hundreds of millions of pieces of their own literature.

    They deleted this false adventist millerite derived prophecy in 1995 because it had FAILED.

    The Watchtower leadership has "purged" hundreds of thousands of followers over the years for failing to uphold the 1914 (Jesus came to power) loyalty oath to this now defunct dogma.

    The Bible clearly warns to turn away from false prophets. Jehovah's Witnesses Millerite mutation right down to the very ...
    There you have it folks backup confirmation that Jehovah's Witnesses are ...
    in month of October" false prophecy time line comes from William Miller a civil ... LOOK and open your eyes!! Why even the "Armageddon will come in month of October" false prophecy time line comes from William Miller a civil war army captain.

    Growing up born a JW I have heard/read that Armaggedon will come in "October" at least a hundred times,(World War one started and Satan cast out in "October")

    There is nothing that made me gasp in horror of all WT/JW falsehoods more then this finding that it all came from the Millerite movement.

    Yes,the "great disappointment" of Oct 22 1844 has never falted... it lives on in the Seventh day Adventist (who admit it) and the Jehovah's Witnesses who deny it

    Must see video clip http://www.dannyhaszard.com/cultvideos.htm
    The Millerites: Armageddon (History Channel) 4 min clip
    This is the highly credible HISTORY CHANNEL (Roger Mudd) not the "apostates" exposing Jehovah's Witnesses as a spin-off of the William Miller movement of 1844

  • mentalist

    Sheesh..aint a guy allowed an opinion?I occasionally go to a meeting to keep the folks happy and it just so happens that the last one a couple of months ago the bro in the public talk happened to mention that the organisation has made mistakes.Didnt use the "light gets brighter"scripture either.Im sorry im not consummed with hatred for these people..im just not.Anyone remember assemblies when you were little and you had the sombre-faced apostates outside with banners about Charles taze Russell etc?It was just white noise and still is to a lot of the younger generation.Anyway im keeping my options open...if the UN put a bann on religion my ass is grass..LMAO! (Wombat is a stand up guy...cheers for the chance dude) Ps...Some of you apostates should lighten up..it might not ever happen

  • gumby

    Mentalist....nice to know your not as many thought. You sounded very pro/apologist for the witnesses in your entrance here. It's good you say your keeping your options/opinions open. Not only is this getting your attention, it gets the attention of active witnesses lurking here and many of the comments and attitudes are directed at them and the organisation they belong to and much of what is posted is for their benifit also.

    As for you not having hatred for the individual members of the Jehovah's Witnesses, you'll find the majority here share your views. I still love and care for my former brothers and sisters and they still feel like family to me and I've been out since 94/95...somewhere in there.

    What most are disgusted with here, is the religion itself that holds it's members in slavery to a group of men who feel they alone are gods only channel in existence to god. God doesn't deal with it's members in their faith, he deals with the 'slave' who passes it on to the rest. That's what a cult is.

    Members here are upset because this arrangement allows for men to call the shots in life and death matters and you believe their decisions come from jehovah himself. This has caused thousands of deaths among their members when in fact they have policy changes that would have made all those deaths needless.

    This doesn't include the thousands of divorces that have resulted from policies that were later reversed that would have spared these divorces. Also included in this mess is thousands of disfellowshippings that have happened when later policies made these SAME offences no offences at all with no reprocussions. That's why people here are bitter at this Organisation.....not it's unknowing members.

    Gumby....who's also glad you have a sense of humour....and who guesses your older than I thought

  • kid-A

    the sombre-faced apostates outside with banners about Charles taze Russell etc?It was just white noise and still is to a lot of the younger generation.

    Nope, but I remember the sombre-faced assholes on the stage spewing out their propaganda and hate towards everyone and everything not belonging to the watchtower (tm) corporation. I do remember "white noise" however, it started blaring as soon as I entered the king-dumb hall and then suddenly stopped when I stepped outside the door into the big bad "world"......

    Regardless, its not surprising the "younger generation" of dubs has no understanding of their bizarre history, especially concerning Russell. The watchtower (tm) is brilliant at controlling their "past" which allows them to control their future.

  • M.J.
    “The year 1925 is a date definitely and clearly marked in the Scriptures, even more clearly than that of 1914.” (The Watchtower, July 15, 1924, pg. 211)

    Good point, Daniel. 1925 was dreampt up and proclaimed by the "judged, refined and approved" Faithful, Discreet Slave.

    1914 was dreampt up by ex-Millerite Nelson Barbour (under influence of other ex-Millerites) and proclaimed by a kooky guy named Russell.

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