A Reminder for Newbies of the Watchtowers False Predictions

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  • Clam

    Thanks for that Gumby®.

    People are fortunate these days, being able to access information and check things out for themselves using the vast resource that is the internet. So many people that once upon a time would've been landed by Bible Watchtower Studies can now cross reference and “test the truth”.

    They can also find out about the nutters characters who were behind the WTS in the old days.

    If I’d known way back when I was first studying™ with a Dub™ that a string of false prophecies were dreamt up by a guy who looked like Santa, and was buried in a Masonic pyramid, I think I may have walked quite quickly, LOL.

  • Legolas

    Mentalist...They have over a 120 years of false prophesy behind them...That is right from the begining of them incase you don't know!

    Here is a list of some of them!


  • integ

    you guys are so freaking funny.

  • wombat

    Mentalist....Everyone's getting stuck into you. Never mind.

    Maybe if you told us a little bit about yourself folk may be more understanding.

    We really are a kind-hearted bunch here. No fooling.

    Sure you can't give anything away to identify yourself. Just give us a hint as to what you are thinking. Do you still think that what the WTS teaches is the truth, do you have doubts or are you just wondering.

    If you tell us any fibs you'll be sprung straight away.

    I'll stick up for you until you disappoint me..........Wombat.

  • anewme

    Mentalist, I understand your strong desire to brush off the accusations of "false prophet" many make against the Watchtower Society. You probably think, "but there is so much that is good about the organization"
    Cant we just focus on the current picture of things?
    "We have nice Kingdom Halls and nice assembly halls and we dress nice and smell nice, we have nice book bags and we have nice glossy mags.... we are obedient nice people."
    Whats not to like huh?

    Believe me many of us have walked in your shoes and spent many years defending such a nice organization.

    But it has been "white washed". It looks pretty from the outside, but inside, from inception has been based on human speculation, and human misinterpretation of scripture.

    Anybody can create a religion and take out a charter and license and pursue a following of fellow worshippers. That is what has occured here.

    All the good things about the WTS can be practiced at home. One doesnt need to answer to a body of non anointed plumbers and roofers.

    If you get the urge to praise Jehovah you can do so with your family members, friends and neighbors.

    I think the early founding witnesses Russell and others felt the need to praise God and raise his name up and they formed a religious following whose sole purpose was to advertise the Bibles message.

    This thing has grown way beyond what the originators probably ever thought it would be.
    It is a Bible and Tract Publishing Company and now millions think it is Gods True Organization On Earth with all the power to declare people like me are no longer worthy of Gods love or life.

    How absurd!!

    You would do well to think about what I say here young one. I would never steer a young one to a life away from God and godliness. But this organization is not the only way to serve the true God Jehovah. It started out as a company....and grew into what you see today. History is important.

  • daniel-p

    “The year 1925 is a date definitely and clearly marked in the Scriptures, even more clearly than that of 1914.” (The Watchtower, July 15, 1924, pg. 211)

    This statement is hilarious. First of all, it points out how if 1925 never happened, 1914 never happened either. Second, it lets everyone know there is doubt as to these dates by using words such as "even more clearly."

  • Mary
    mentalist said: People in the same or similar boat to me and from a younger generation really dont care less about some watchtower quote from 192whatever or some dug up information on CT Russell.

    Witnesses "don't care" about their own history? Ya, and I'm the Easter Bunny. If Witnesses don't care about their past then why is the entire religion structured around past dates like 1914, 1918 and 1919? The JWs can't think of any defense when they come face to face with arguments like Gumby's posted, so they just shrug their shoulders and say "oh well"........but if you point out the errors in their belief that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 BCE, (which then changes everything in the religion), then they get their backs up and label you an apostate.

    This Organization never fails to gleefully point out the past of any other religion on earth, so they shouldn't mind getting the same treatment.

    As for Brother Gumby pointing out the obvious, "Can we see you in the back room for a little chat?"

  • DannyHaszard

    Fascinating secular read of JW American Millerite origins theocracy_200.jpg A Political Warning Shot: 'American Theocracy'
    NPR - 12 minutes ago
    ... Jehovah's Witnesses were yet another of the militant denominations assembled in the nineteenth century to await a second coming. ... Partial excerpts below click link above for a very long read Radicalized Religion As American as Apple Pie Since at least 1776 the upstart sects have grown as the mainline American denominations have declined. And this trend continues unabated, as new upstarts continue to push to the fore. -- Roger Finke and Rodney Stark, The Churching of America, 1992 It is impossible to locate a period of American history when so-called small sects were not growing at a faster clip than denominations then viewed as large and stable. [.....Jehovah's Witnesses were yet another of the militant denominations assembled in the nineteenth century to await a second coming. Founder Charles Russell, who rejected the doctrine of the trinity, proclaimed that Christ had returned to earth invisibly in 1874 preparatory to establishing a full presence. The cataclysm or advent was predicted for 1914. Over the years, Witnesses refused to serve in the military, vote, hold office, or salute the American flag, calling such practices the province of the antichrist.As with the upsurge of the Seventh Day Adventists, part of the Witnesses' twentieth-century growth was international, resulting from missionary activities. In the United States alone, nearly one million witnessed the millennium...... ......Greater flamboyance marked two other new sects, both enlivened by founders' claims of special divine revelation. After the failure of predictions by William Miller, a self-educated farmer from upstate New York, that Christ would return in 1843 and then 1844, elements of his following were reorganized by associates. They claimed that the return had indeed taken place, but only as a spiritual (and invisible) passage into the presence of the father A full return was still to come. One founder, Ellen White, claimed to have had a personal vision of creation. The Seventh Day Adventists, as they became known in 1860, worshipped on Saturday, kept awaiting the advent, and emphasized dietary practices that pioneered the role of grains as cold cereal. They, too, thrived and grew to count one million members in the United States by 2000....... .....Although survey results vary, some 7 to 10 percent of U.S. churchgoers appear to be Pentecostals, and perhaps a quarter of churchgoers are full-fledged end-times believers, as opposed to the 50 percent or so who relate to the symbolism when holy wars or tsunamis dominate the news.......


    ------- Jehovah's Witnesses are the gospel of gobbledygook-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  • kid-A

    Even been to a meeting recently?Its mostly topical and relevant things they discuss...not dusty and out of date.Just a thought

    Hmmm, well lets see. They worship an ancient desert tribal deity named jehovah, still sacrifice their children to the watchtower corporation based on a misguided blood policy established in the 1940s, still

    worship and revere the dates set forward by CT Russell in the 1800s and still believe that masturbation is evil. YUP! Sounds pretty topical and relevant to me!

    You must be part of the "hip new JW generation" !! I guess they have new drugs available for the treatment of cognitive dissonance!

  • greendawn

    It is also interesting that Rutherford finally blamed the R&F for the 1925 end of times hysteria by saying that "satan put in the mind of some that the separation work would end in 1925" that's interesting because it shows the opportunistic nature of this organisation and Franz repeated the same thing over the 1975 hysteria. The years have passed but the nature of this organisation hasn't changed, basically it is out to deceive in a rather crude, coarse way. THey certainly don't have the best interests of the flock at heart.

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