A Reminder for Newbies of the Watchtowers False Predictions

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  • Dismembered


    :Even been to a meeting recently?Its mostly topical and relevant things they discuss...not dusty and out of date.Just a thought.

    If they as you say discuss "mostly topical & relevant things". Is the buzz around the ole KH of any concern, or is there any mention, of the mass exodus from Watchtower that come close to rivialing the Jews leaving Egypt? If not keep your ears clean cuz you will.

    Wait a minute I'd be wrong! I forgot they play ostrich syndrome.


  • hubert
    Why do I keep banging my head against the wall? Cause it feels so good when I stop.

    Carla, That is so funny !!!!

    Thanks for the laugh. Now, go take some aspirin.


  • wombat

    Dear Mentalist.....I'm guessing that you are a young lady about 20..But that is by the by.

    Your KH talks may not mention the dusty old stuff and be up-to-date but unfortunately your beliefs are still determined by beliefs expoused 120 years ago.

    Have you ever had a birthday party? Why not? Just because John the Baptist got his head cut off? It is all soooo stupid.

    Do you really believe that you should cover your head when you talk on the platform? (Paul really didn't like women much). When you get married do you believe that your husband should be head of the household just as Jesus is head of the church?

    Naah..I don't think that you believe any of that crap. But having bought up in it, it is pretty hard to shake off. Just hang around with us for a while and put up with us if sometimes we act stupid.

    If you are genuine....we really do all love you..........Wombat

  • jgnat

    My JW hubby said the other day, "Why would I join Christendom when they have such a terrible history?"

    "Terrible history, you say? Let me tell you about Russel and his divorce. That's right Russell committed adultery and was divorced. No, he was not reproved by the organization. Why would he? He was the leader."

    Hubby then asked if I had documents to back up my claim. I easily found court testimony on the web.

    Hubby then went on to ask why I brought up ancient history.

    I told him I would have never brought it up if he hadn't first accused Christendom. "The only reason I bring it up is because the Watchtower society is no better."

  • M.J.
    i dont give a stuff about ancient JW history

    So then you don't give a "stuff" about JWs being chosen in 1919 as the Faithful Discreet Slave? The establishment of "the Theocracy"?

    Or that most of the book of Revelation was fulfilled by the JWs from "ancient JW history"?

    Do you disregard all the Watchtower says about what it accomplished and became before 1950 as fulfilment of Biblical prophecy?

  • Leolaia

    If it's all ancient history, why does the Society mention 1919 so much in the present-day literature? What really happened in the organization way back then continues to have present pertinence, only if because the Society continues to claim that it does....

  • Leolaia

    The Three Presidents book gives a good survey of what was taught in 1919, BTW....

  • anewme

    If you want to know about Jesus and his father all you have to do is read the Bible yourself and pray to God directly and commit yourself to doing His will.

    All the rest is gobbledy goop and man worship. Why put yourself through it?

    All through the ages there have been middlemen trying to get between you and God. Can you guess what they might be after?

  • justsomedude
    Its mostly topical and relevant things they discuss...not dusty and out of date.Just a thought.

    Just another thought would be that absolute truth is never dusty or out of date. To proclaim that you are Gods inspire org is pretty silly when a brief look at your history shows that you are no more accurate than any other religion.

    The problem is that the JWs never ever admit to being wrong. It like trying to get Fonzie to say it. An they have been wrong many, many times. (JWs not Fonzie)

    There is a whole convuluted logic around the whole things that goes.

    Its right to be wrong when we're wrong, because God says we're right so you're not wrong. And its wrong to be right when we're wrong because God says that our wrong is right, until later when its wrong. Someday if we decide that your right wrong is now right, youre still an apostate so neener, neener.

  • wombat

    Aw...It's too easy to dump on Mentalist...

    Just glad to have you here. Hang around.

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