My website is back up!

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    So in other words, you're just posting links. I like it!

    Correct. At this point my site has no substance other than to serve as a Call to Action for the exJW community and to advertise to the world the evil actions of the WTS. The WTS in their arrogance attempted to shut me down, but I am using that to my advantage to to bring attention to the actions of the WTS. The harder the WTS tries to fight me, the deeper they will dig themselves into a hole and the worst the publicity will be for them. They cannot win! It is a choice of either sitting by quietly while I educate the public with impunity, or they can attack me and get an enormous amount of very bad publicity, which will also educate the public. I am the one in control, not the WTS. As I said before, my objective is to provoke a response from the WTS using non-violent means. No cause or idea is worth bloodshed. -- Gandhi

    Why not put a comment box on there so we can publically send our "FUs" to the WTS who is obviously monitoring your site?

    Hmmmm.... interesting idea!

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