wishing all you Aussies best wishes due to Storm.

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  • barry

    Gday Wambat,

    The Australian people gave 150 million but also the Governmant gave one billion to the Indonesians

  • wombat

    That's right Barry - $1 billion. A lot for a country of only 20 million.

    George W. offered whatever assistance may be needed to-day. Not necessary but it was a kind offer.

    A convoy of over 100 army trucks and low-loaders moved in to-day. The Air Force are sending up choppers full of tarpaulins from Sydney. QANTAS donated and flew in 6,000 meals today also.

    The poor bloody farmers can't get cyclone insurance up there and will be a year or more before they get another income.

    I agree with Bob Katter (local Member of Parliament. I'll happily pay $20 a kilo for bananas if it helps those poor bastards get back on their feet. Definitely no cheap imports from the Phillipines.

    What sort of wind can snap power poles like twigs? It's hard to believe that no-one was killed.

    You're a funny bloke Rekless...........

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