What did she mean by that?

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  • Scully

    It kind of reminds me what I've said a couple of times to Worldly Peopleā„¢ who asked me why I'm not a JW anymore. They comment that JWs seem like very nice but misguided people. And I'll say "Yes, and now my standards are higher!"

  • diamondblue1974
    You have so many good qualities!

    Yep...and bad associations spoil useful habits! (or good qualities even)


  • juni

    Welcome to the board, rhian.

    I DA myself 13 yrs. ago. Can hardly believe that much time has passed!

    I guess by her comment she feels that you won't continue to be a good person when you leave. You were an asset to the cong. A good example. I heard it all. But you have to do what is best for you. I like your comment "let the shunning begin".

    I was being shunned for NO REASON before I DA myself. I thought maybe they DF me w/o telling me. You go from being a good Witness to dog poop in their eyes. Sounds like her husband is reasonable.

    Hang in there and enjoy your life.


  • James Free
    James Free
    Nina (Can anybody tell me how to add in the little "TM" (trademark) symbol?)

    Please NOOOO!!

    LOL I hate that. It is the same when someone makes quotation marks with hand gestures - LAME

    My friends hate LOL, so I guess I am just as bad...

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Hi, and welcome to the board Rhian. So glad to hear from young'uns like you!!

    I remember when I was in the WTS [ie the Nuthouse] we'd often make comments like " Oh, he/she would make such a great Witness" as if they possessed some sort of moral or social dynamism that automatically qualified them for entrance into an exclusively moral and dynamic org

    Yeah Right.

    Hope you like it here and find fulfillment - morally, spiritually, and dynamically

  • sass_my_frass

    Howdy bro, welcome to freedom! From now on you will have the space to develop your good qualities, not stifle them. Sadly, part of the indoctrination process as a JW includes believing that the only people who leave the cult are bad. Your choice was too confusing to her, so she had to force herself into poverty to do penance. How crazy is that?

    You've got some rough times ahead. Set yourself up with new friends; people you like and can relate to. If you're not used to meeting people the non-JW way ('hi what congregation are you from? Oh you know Brother whatever...') think of a few interests or talents you'd like to work on (sport, community service, music...) and throw yourself into it for a little while to get your mind off things and to get you together with people you'll like.

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