What did she mean by that?

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  • rhian

    "cognitive dissonance"...yeah, that fits. The first thing she did was quit her job. Hehe. Couldn't deal with me, I guess.

    She came in the other day for her paycheck along with her husband, who also still works as a student there. He was totally okay with me...talked to me as if nothing was different. She wouldn't even LOOK at me, much less talk to me. Like I wasn't there. Only addressed my coworker, who is aware of everything that's happened. She couldn't believe it. Typical, I told her. "Let the shunning begin."

    And Nina...thanks SO MUCH for the laugh! LOL I was feeling a little down today, and I needed that. Whole family still in the organization. Dad's the PO at my former congregation, but still talks to me, though not as much. Mom too. Brother & sister aren't. It was expected, but is still no fun when it comes.


  • stillAwitness
    I wish I could have thought of something clever to say to her, but I've never been good at a quick comeback.

    Hey same here. Don't feel bad. But welcome aboard. Despite your qualities!

  • collegegirl21

    Welcome to the board!

  • Cellist

    Welcome, Rhian.


  • Scully

    "But you have so many good qualities!"

    "Thank you, and that's exactly why I've decided to disassociate myself - I want to keep them!"

  • serendipity

    Hi rhian, welcome to the forum!

  • rhian

    Thank you, Serendipity, for the welcome. Thank you one and all!


  • Elsewhere
    "But you have so many good qualities!"

    Response: And that is precisely why I left the WTS.

  • ferret

    Welcome rhian

  • greendawn

    Welcome to the forum, apparently she doesn't believe that there are ppl with good qualities in the world instead only in the JWs, that is of course a false idea but they were mind conditioned to believe that. There are many ppl in the world that are nicer than the average JW but if they accept it that in a way postpones armageddon because the separation process hasn't finished at all yet. Not that they are fit to be used for separating ppl despite what they believe.

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