Well, It all hit the fan!

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  • EAGLE-1

    I want some pics of Mary

  • EAGLE-1

    I have thought about launching an attack for years but think I would rather let nature take its course.Honestly I think it will die on its own.Choking on its own vomit.

  • hubert
    Jehovah's Witnesses--we can say anything we want about everyone elses religion, just please don't say anything about ours...that's apostasy"


    This is what I always hear from my j.w. sister-in-law. Next time I hear it, I'm going to say...."Because you are always persecuting all other religions" !!

    But, you never hear us crying "Persecution" !


  • Swan

    Jehovah's Witnesses--we can say anything we want about everyone elses religion, just please don't say anything about ours...that's apostasy"

    Yes, and that's hypocrisy. I think with some rewording, that would make a great bumper sticker.


  • jwfacts

    Sounds like you are a sucker for punishment like me. I have used the word bigot and the traits of cults in a number of my conversations to also make the point that their is nothing unique about the JWs, just another religion slamming other religions. I was not prepared for the level of spite in the responses. I have not been to a meeting in a year, so the level of gossip I keep hearing amount that is still going on in my congregation is quite a shock.

  • Thinkagain

    They want to presh to everybody elis, how dare we tell them whats not right , then whamm!!!!

    You hear the word APOSTATE!!! talk about being brain washed, who

  • kool aid man
    kool aid man

    Onesong, what you did can be very effective even though at times it may seem futile. However, we believe that all proactive measures in exposing the J.W.'s for who they really are works. All one has to do is place a little seed of doubt in the mind of a loyal witness, or even one who is just coming in to the so called "truth". Many ex-J.W.s have found their way free by so-called "apostate" signs in front of Kingdom Halls or assemblies, as well as letters and e-mails such as yours to "card carrying-time reporting"Witnesses. Many nay-sayers think these methods are a waste of time, but it can jump-start the Witness thinking process. Kool aid man believes in taking aggresive,proactive, methods in exposing the falsehood of the Watchtower org. (IF YOU DO NOTHING, NOTHING HAPPENS). Onesong contact us, we are only a few miles South of where you live.

  • LDH
    I had planned on sending it anonymously and so set up a new e-mail account. Brain-dead when I did it, I put my name on the account thinking it would only send the new address. You might imagine my initial shock and panic when after sending them all out, I checked how it appeared when I sent it to my other account--and there was my name all over it!!!! Holy Sh*t!!!)


    I admit I'm giggling. OK, for you it would have been better if it went anonymously I agree. But at least you started a conversation.

    Who knows where that will go.

  • onesong

    Here's an update : Seems as though my "cult" e-mail is causing quite a stir locally. I've gotten word that some local brothers are considering suing me!

    Sue me, for what?!

    I merely sent a list of cult traits gathered from a book that anyone could get at their home town library. Never does it mention any specific religion or faith...it actually is much less aggressive than what's said in the Wacktower.

    I'm not really worried but does anyone know if they would have any legal ground to stand on?

  • candidlynuts

    the wtbs has gone to great lengths in this country to make sure its legal to go tell people their religion is wrong.

    you were excersising your freedom of religion.

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