Fluff Category 3 - When would you have preferred to have been born?

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  • dmouse

    I was born in 1961, which I've always considered too early. I love all the computers, compact discs, mobiles and other technology but this is only the beginning.

    We are on the cusp of an age of wonders, especially in technology and medicine, and I'm worried I'll be too old to enjoy it!

    They'll invent a cure for old age and death 3 weeks after I'm gone - you'll see!

    As for the past, it was pants.

  • juni
    Another fantasy would to have lived earlier than that say the 1600s or earlier as an American Indian one of the many proud tribes that roamed the entire beautiful continent!

    Anewme - Before "the white man" came to terrorize the Indians would have been great. Did you ever read "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee"?

    Blondie - I agree with you. There were so MANY changes during the 60's for women's rights. And all of the great music - Motown, the invasion of the British music, Age of Aquarius, Folk, Surf, etc. Mini skirts. And things got better as far as medicines, technology due to the space program, economy, etc.

    I was born in 1949 and I remember the 50's. Families appeared "Cleaver-types" and some truly were, but there was a lot of bad stuff being shoved under the rug. Now, you have a lot of "Help" lines and places to go for help.

    Our generation has seen 2 extremes as far as womens' and human rights. I remember seeing the racial uprisings - the marching of people for their basic rights.

    I felt like I grew up in modern times, but compared to now, as things change so quickly those days seem like "horse and buggy"!


  • mrsjones5

    I'm fine with when I was born (1965). The Civil Rights movement was moving right along and when I got to adulthood I got to benefit from the results. I don't think I would want to have been born any earlier. If I had been there is no way I would be able to live where I live.


  • juni

    Josie -

    It was a VERY SAD TIME before the Civil Rights movement got going. I remember as a little girl seeing 2 separate bathroom stalls - one for black people and one for white. Also, separate drinking fountains. My mom had to explain it to me. I didn't understand that; made no sense.


  • Leolaia

    I loved having my teen years in the '80s....but now with the internet and all, I think my life would have turned out even better had I been born a decade later and had earlier access to info sooner....

  • serendipity

    When I was younger I wanted to be Scarlet O'Hara. I liked the beautiful fabrics and dresses and female fashion of days gone by (minus corsets).

    But realistically, considering women's rights and opportunities, improved hygiene, sanitation and medicine, I wouldn't want to live in the past. I'm even glad I lived through the Disco 70's.

  • wombat

    Please pardon me for interrupting.....

    Clam starts a "fluff" and it developes into a serious discussion thread.

    This happens all the time here. It is beautiful.......

  • damselfly

    I would love to magically transported back in time for week to the goldrush days. I would dance the cancan and convince a miner to hand over all his gold. Then I'd head out west and rope me a cowboy.


  • gumby
    You must remember the Easybeats? Weren't they an Aussie 60s band?

    I think they sang "Friday on my Mind". I loved that song. I liked the British invation period....although they weren't british.

    I'm with others on this. I think NOW is a good time to live with modern improvements. Life is simpler, but has just as many or more headaches as the past.

    Gumby.....who's glad he don't hafta poop in a cold and dark outhouse with bugs and stuff.

  • Clam

    Ha, interesting feedback. So what might have helped expand the thread would be to ask where in history you would have placed yourself as long as you were allowed to take a washing machine, flushable toilet, microwave etc, LOL. I do appreciate the point first made by Blondie, that only here and now there is a semblance of freedom for women. I asked my mother several years ago the thread title question and she said she’d like to be in Victorian England but only as a filthy rich aristocrat and minus a husband. The question I asked would have supposed an ignorance of things to come and therefore no sense of loss.

    By the way I called this a category 3 Fluff question because I personally see Fluff™ as having types:

    Category 1 – Completely air headed questions placed by posters who are bored or genuinely interested in something trivial, eg how do you make fluffy roast potatoes or do you pick your nose when no one is watching?

    Category 2 – Transparent attempts to gauge the attitudes and tastes of board members of the opposite sex or similar sexual persuasion, eg Is size important? What is your biggest physical turn off?

    Category 3 – An exercise designed to delve into board members’ personal ideas , attitudes and tastes while avoiding controversial subject matter, ie religion, politics etc. eg Like this one.. .

    I’ve only got as far as three. . .

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