Fluff Category 3 - When would you have preferred to have been born?

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  • Clam

    Would you change when you were born? If so when would you have liked to have lived? I was born in ’58 so I grew up as a kid in the sixties and was a teen in the 70s which was pretty good. Given the chance though, I would have preferred to have been born 10 years earlier to be more of a part of the 60s thing. Asked when a boy my choice would probably have been to be on the American frontier in the mid 1800s, or battling in the Napoleonic Wars. How about you??

    (Clam, pondering that nostalgia isn’t as good as it used to be)

  • wombat

    Good fluff Clam....No I would never change. Hasn't been a World War or a Depression since I was born. I saw the Beatles live in Brisbane (minus Ringo), enjoyed the experience of a new flush toilet inside the house, saw Sputnik (the first object in outer space), saw live on TV man's first step on the moon, discovered pizza in the early '60s, got to wear flaired trousers and beads, drank cuppachino in a coffee lounge illuminated by candles in wine bottles.

    I made big money selling the first electronic calculators - the size of a sewing machine that could do the basic maths and accumulate the total. Cost about 3 years wages. Prior to that I sold an expensive carbon paper where the carbon copy wouldn't smudge.

    To-day I can fly to the other side of the world for $1500. I can chat to interesting folk anywhere in the world on the net. I got a mobile phone, for crying out loud. Who would have believed that would ever be possible apart from Dick Tracey?

    And the planet Earth is a great place to be on. Sure there are problems such as global warming but thank God that we now have activists who are prepared to sacrifice all to find solutions.

    I'm just an ageing baby boomer..and I feel so lucky (Ooops.. not "lucky"....I meant "fortunate in time and place").

  • EAGLE-1

    Born in 58 too..Would have liked riding with the Mongols and actually destroying christendom and islam and all memory of both-Hell yea!!!!

  • Clam

    Hey Wombat you're right, you have been blessed regarding the time you've lived in. I bet you even thought you were lucky enough to be living in the last days at one time.

    Seeing the Beatles I'm very envious of. My older two sisters were nuts about them of course and so our house was full of Beatles paraphenalia. I watched a documenatry here recently about the Beatles tour of Australia with the stand in drummer.

    "The night before the tour was due to begin, Ringo Starr collapsed and was rushed to hospital. He was found to be suffering from tonsillitis. Rather than cancel any of the shows a temporary drummer, Jimmy Nichol, was hired to stand in until Ringo recovered. He rejoined the group in Melbourne, Australia on June 14th. Jimmy Nichol had drummed with the Beatles for four shows. For these he received £500, a gold watch and gained his place in history! After more throat problems, Ringo’s tonsils were eventually removed in December 1964."

    You must remember the Easybeats? Weren't they an Aussie 60s band?

  • blondie

    Being a woman and that many rights for women are fairly recent, I have no desire to go back to the "good old days" when women could not divorce their adulterous husbands, could not get custody of their children, were considered property, could not vote, could not own property, and could be legally beaten by their husband as long as the stick was no more than 1 inch in diameter.

    I can imagine those days when 1 day a week women used tubs and heated water, using lye soap that marred their hands to do laundry. Or when women had children at home, usually one a year, because birth control was illegal. Where women died young because of multiple births.

    I'm happy with being a woman now and especially in a somewhat more enlightened country when it comes to women.



  • luna2

    I used to think I'd have liked to be born in the 20's so that I'd be an adult in the 40's...always had a "thing" for the 1940's. Guess I watched too many old movies as a kid.

  • wombat

    Clam...Yeah Easy Beats....Stevie Wright...."Friday on my Mind". They were big in the UK too.

    They were an Australian band but they were all born overseas. They met in an immigration camp and became Australian pop icons. The majority of Australian have grand-parents who were born overseas. It makes this place really interesting.

  • Undecided

    Grew up in the 40s and 50s, loved it, even though I was a JW. I would do it again if I could.

    Ken P.

  • wombat

    Clam...Re living in the Last Days.... Yeah I was congratulated for renting rather than buying a house by someone close to me who has since made millions thru property. D/Ad in 73 and comforted my sobbing wife as she folded her babies winter clothes "for the last time".

    Ask them about it now? Denial is only a river in Egypt.

  • anewme

    Oh, this is FUN!
    Although, being a woman myself, I totally agree with Blondie about this being the best time legally and politically and careerwise for women, the call of the open plain is loud to me!

    I would have enjoyed helping to open up the Western Territories back in the 1800s (and hopefully I would be a tough bird to survive the typhoids and pneumonias and snakebites and childbirths)

    Another fantasy would to have lived earlier than that say the 1600s or earlier as an American Indian one of the many proud tribes that roamed the entire beautiful continent!
    The beauty, the landscape, the spiritual life of an American Indian calls to me!

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