you wont believe it if I tell you now

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    Now you have to prove you're worthy of that name by doing some great deeds. Have an alter erected and have your neighbors do some blood sacrifices for you with some of their sheep and cattle. Make sure they walk them up to the alter and slit their throats while still alive. You might could talk one of them into offering up their first born son. You could really insure your name a place by getting a talking snake to tell a naked woman that if she eats of a tree in your garden she can be like you and know good and bad. Be sure you get the talking snake to tell the woman you don't want her to be like you and know good and bad and to stay away from your tree because you don't want her to find out she's naked and then you would have to bring her some clothes and that would screw up everything. You could go out and find some bears to tear up 42 children in the neighborhood because they made fun of your bald-headed friend. Get to work, you've go to earn that name!

  • Legolas
    This is so typical, Jehovah says something totally ambiguous and then splits. It's like he's afraid of the limelight or something.

    LMAO....I was just coming here to say something similar!

  • bigmouth

    So.........what DID happen to all the moas?

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