Grrrrrr am I getting fed up!!!!!!!!!

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  • ButtLight

    Do you have a relationship with a mixed family? Like kids from other marraiges? Well I do. I will tell ya whats bugging me just tonight. Add the rest later.

    Every Friday, we usually go out to eat alone, and get the kids fast food. Well, his son is at a friends house tonight. ( we have 4 kids all together) 3 mine, the other his. So he says, well H***** will probably eat at his friends house, so yours can fend for themselves! Boy was I pissed! I said, I have a better idea. We will get my kids something like we always do, and when your son comes home and wants to eat, you tell HIM to fend for himself!

    So, he gets mad, and goes to Mcdonalds for my one son. Guess what, his son just walked in the door, and has no food lmfao!!!!!!!!! (sorry, i dont mean to sound rude toward his son at all, its not his fault) So, he walks in and says is H88888 home now? And I said "YEP!!!!!!!!!" What an ass. He is going to go run out now again just to get him something, you watch! And as far as us going to eat, I think I will fend for myself tonight!!!!! errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • kittyeatzjdubs
    So he says, well H***** will probably eat at his friends house, so yours can fend for themselves! that's the point when you punch him in the teeth.

    Not to intrude, but are you married to this person? I wouldn't put up with that $hit for a second.

    I hope you gave him hell girl!

    luv, jojo

  • ButtLight

    No not married! And wont be if it continues. There is alot more too

  • stillajwexelder

    never easy with step kids ((( )))

  • JH
    so yours can fend for themselves

    Really? In my book, children come first....

  • ButtLight

    He did go out one more time, back to Mc donalds for his son. This is just wrong!!!!

    But the other stuff, as it comes back to me. The other day, my daughter came in late, early am, and didnt shut the door all the way. (if you dont slam it, it comes back open)

    He gets up just a bitchen away that the heater ran all night. So, I as the smart ass that I am, said, "well, thats not the only thing that ran all night now is it?" (knowing he knew what i meant) His son left his tv on all night long. (did it agian last night and nothing was mentioned!)

    Its always my kids that get the just of it. Never his!

    A few weeks ago, his son and mine got in an arguement. His son flew up with his fists, and was going to hit my son. I stopped it. Put them both in time out. But I told my BF, that his son needed proper punishment for what he did, we dont allow that kind of behavior. He gave him another half hour time out!!!!!! Jeeeses. My older son, who is bi polar, and cant control his anger got a week for that! WTF!

  • JH

    My dad also always bitched if someone did something wrong. In a way it's normal for a father to discipline the kids, but he has to do so in a proper way and not just be mad at your children....

    If his son does something wrong, he has to deal with him in the same way.

    Wish I could help more.

  • SickofLies

    Just a sugestion, but if you want the relationship to workout, maybe you should refer to them as our kids and don't make any distinction between who's is who. Try making discissions on disiplin together if possible to make it seem more fair. I know its tough, I'm in the same situation. I have a gf who has a three year old daughter. Best of luck!

  • ButtLight
    maybe you should refer to them as our kids and don't make any distinction between who's is who.

    Actually, we do. Just online im am trying to distinguish the difference between his and mine. But when we talk to people, we say our kids! Unfortunately, there is a difference! His kids (he has two, one older and moved out) and mine. But it only becomes a problem when mine do something wrong! Or like tonight, his was gone, and no need for mine to get what they usually get!

  • IronClaw
    Really? In my book, children come first....


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