Grrrrrr am I getting fed up!!!!!!!!!

by ButtLight 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • ButtLight

    I know Im bad, but cant wait for that son of a bitc* to try and get in the house!!!!!! Fuc* him!

  • FlyingHighNow

    Does your husband ever pick fights with you so he can have an excuse to stalk off to the bars? Stranger things have happened.

  • Es

    Oh hun thats terrible you poor thing. I know myself if that happend to my son i would tell my partner to go get F$%^ked.

    I hope something happens to improve the situation


  • arwen

    Don't let the children ruin the relationship you have with one another. Some day all those kids will be out of the house and there will just be the two of you. I know it is very difficult and as mothers we are tigers when it comes to our kids..We can be very defensive. Sometimes the kids do things just to get things going too. I have seen it happen. If you could sit down and make up the rules for the family and then stay united on the conquences of their actions whether good or bad the kids might straighten up and there would not be so much stress for both of you.

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