Ebay Idiot

by slimboyfat 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • lisaBObeesa

    sorry about the multiple posts!

  • slimboyfat

    I can only conclude you have not read his listing of the "undisclosed" book. If he does not want to sell it, then he sure does a good impression of someone who does...

  • lisaBObeesa

    I don't know......if you check his 'other items for sale' his auction titles are pure info for JWs searching ebay.

    His auction titles hit EVERYTHING, from blood, to pyramids, to russel, to pedophiles.....

    I really think this $1000 auction is just the bait the seller is using ......fishing for JWs that will check his 'other items.'

  • Honesty

    He's going to where the JW's congregate when they browse ebay.

    Hmmm..... I wonder if the WATCHTOWER can 'reach out' to him and shut his listings down like they've managed to do with several websites that expose their Lies and Deceit.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Do dubs REALLY buy stuff off Ebay though?

    All those stories of Demon possessed Books and Barbies I'd have thought that most wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.

  • GodZoo
    Who is this ebay idiot who keeps trying to sell "undisclosed rare Watchtower items" for ridiculous sums of money?

    Ten years and this stuff is still on eBay!

  • JWdaughter
    My mom, longtime JWs, is a big fan of garage sales. An elders wife had them 4x a year. Now my aunt was convinced of demons etc, but I think that JW wackiness is not universal
  • Simon
    Ten years and this stuff is still on eBay!

    Sadly, that probably means he / she must make money from it.

    Remember: all the spam you get keeps being sent because someone falls for it.

  • mana11

    The 2 links you gave are Category searchers for

    Items found similar to "JWs WatchTower Related PYRAMIDOLOGY Collectible Oddity"

    the second search yeilds

    Items found similar to "Extremely RARE WatchTower Jehovahs Witness COLLECTIBLE"

    There are approx 4 individuals selling items on ebay under the above search.

    Maybe i am blocked from seeing the link you gave?.

    The main seller has over 1500 sales with 100% positive feed back and nice feed back at that!.

    If he was an idiot i suggest he would not have sold anything and if he was an idiot his feed back for reflect as such.

    Some of the rare items he is selling are indeed Rare. Time passes, These items are becoming hard to get.

    They don't seem over priced to me, He states a Price and allows an offer. Win win...

  • Richard C B
    Richard C B
    haha I dont understand why you have an issue with this. Are you jealous or something? I knew a brother once who got a load of old books from an old sister, who was having a clear out, and among the books were some old Judge Rutherfood books he sold them on an auction site for a tidy sum. I didnt have a problem with that.

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