Ebay Idiot

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  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Solved the mystery of the mysterious publication. I wouldn't bother mate its that old chestnut the WTBTS's extremely rare, hard to find, worse selling publication EVER !


    The only copy known to exist is at Bethel but alot of the pages are stuck together.

  • Leolaia

    Hasn't anyone read the excerpts he posted from that book? It sounds like a novel written by a JW about life in the "New World". Mildly interesting, but utterly ridiculously priced at a thousand.... Anyone have any idea from the excerpts what book this is?

    In trying to search through WorldCat, I discovered that my own friendly neighborhood library has 1920s-1930s era Golden Age. I will have to check that out next Monday....:) :)

  • greendawn


    I hope it will work out this time if it does I will have have fun posting photos whenever it will be helpful to make a point. So there is the serpent with the cold eyes and the deadly mouth. The quintessential symbol of the WTS.

  • Honesty

    I think he may be a WATCHTOWER apostate who is using ebay to provide New Light to active JW's:


  • collegegirl21

    Good research Honesty. I say cheers to him if a Jdub buys one of them. I think the biggest idiot would be who spends all the money on it, then the joke is on them.

  • serendipity
    OFten wonder why some unscrupulous apostate doesn't make off with the Bethel library and make a fortune

    The older pubs from the 1930's disappeared from our KH library recently. Hmmm....

  • lisaBObeesa

    I think this person is just using Ebay as a forum to reach active JWs with eye-opening info. In order to do that, he has to sell something. I think it actually is kind of a good idea. It is a cheap way to reach lots of people. Many JWs search Ebay for watchtower items and they are going to stumble on these ads. Maybe some seeds are planted....

  • slimboyfat
    In order to do that, he has to sell something.

    Does he "have to sell something" at a starting price of $1000 ???

  • lisaBObeesa
    Does he "have to sell something" at a starting price of $1000 ???

    He is paying listing fees to list an item that will not sell. Maybe he doesn't really want it to sell.

  • lisaBObeesa

    *multiple post*

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