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  • slimboyfat

    Who is this ebay idiot who keeps trying to sell "undisclosed rare Watchtower items" for ridiculous sums of money?



    Is anyone really fooled into buying this crap? Even if he does actually own something genuinely interesting and valuable, I can only imagine (and hope) that potential buyers are put off by his secrecy and he gets nothing for his "clever" presentation.

    Any reasonable person paying those amounts of money will surely want to know what they are buying!

    I have utter contempt for this person and wish ebay would ban him from selling.

    A plague on all his listings!

  • anewme

    A complete library would be something.

    When I was but a young slim and gorgeous lass myself, I was invited by a young man in the congregation over to his house to meet his aged faithful parents and see their unique collection of Watchtower Literature.

    I was not prepared for what I saw. The complete collection of Watchtower Literature, probably the finest outside of Bethel! And now that I am dfd I only now realize the value of the collection.

    There in a tiny back bedroom/office was the complete collection of Watchtowers Awakes, and books written by both Russell and the Watchtower Society all the way back to the 1800s!! Every book, every pamphlet, every magazine. It was his fathers private collection that was kept a secret.

    Years later this young man left the JW org and his parents and was dfd.
    His parents are ancient and faithful. I failed to mention he had an older brother who was also dfd, but who got reinstated and came back in when the younger brother got dfd and left the home. I met the second brother also and had a funny feeling he came back for reasons other than conscience or to serve Jehovah. I think it may be for an inheritance. Anyway, soon he will be the sole owner of this fabulous collection....and I mean FABULOUS!!! And it is worth alot to those who could use this information.

  • daystar

    Indeed, an idiot. But the worse idiot would be the one who actually bid on an item with no title, photos or anything.

  • slimboyfat

    Interesting post anewme. I would have loved to have been there!

    Jerry Bergman has claimed he had the best WT collection in the world - but he had to sell some of the rarest items. Not that all those books did him any good - despite glorious bibliographies, his books are unmitigated sh1te. (I have just finished strugling my way through 300 pages of nonsense on "Jehovah's Witnesses and the Problem of Mental Illness").

    Often wonder why some unscrupulous apostate doesn't make off with the Bethel library and make a fortune...

  • greendawn

    I can't imagine what WTS tripe of a book could be worth $1000 but you know how people operate on e-bay they just try it to see if they can get the price, there are also a lot of seriously rich individuals out there that don't mind paying high prices if they really want something. And if they don't succeed in selling something at overinflated prices they will just drop the price until someone buys it.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    It would be interesting to find out who this person actually is. If he is a JW or once was one...and why is he so darn secretive.

    He sells a kit to keep JW's away from your house and Tshirts.

    I wonder if someone could contact ebay for his contact information.

    Best Regards,


  • ballistic

    You have to ask yourself, why the secrecy. If the book is worth that much, it should stand on it's own merits without resorting to using tricks to conjur up the idea it is something special. Considering he has also hidden feedback coments people have left, and is selling chapters of books which I have downloaded and printed off the internet for free, I wouldn't touch this guy's auctions with a barge pole.

  • unclebruce

    Maybe its the "secret publishers manual" and he doesn't want the Elders finding out

  • truckerann

    hey...Maybe it is the Bethel Library that he is selling!!! well anyways...if there is anyone on this board who wants some old literature ....give me some titles and I might have some of those....I know I have some bound volumes....that are just collecting dust at the moment....

  • unclebruce
    hey...Maybe it is the Bethel Library that he is selling!!!


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