How will the Muslims respond to this cartoon?

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  • Kenneson
  • trevor

    No reaction yet - but I fear this could be a smoking bomb!

  • unclebruce

    This cartoon expresses is the typical reaction in Australia to the stupid right wing idea that moslems should be reprogrammed.
    The moslems here see the joke - the emphasis is on laughing at the JWs not Bin Laden or Moslems.
    Australian cartoonists main gripe with the Danish ones being fussed over is that they are piss weak and barely raise a smile.


  • nicolaou

    I'd love to see the Watchtower dragged into a media debate like this! Can you imagine them trying to distance themselves from fanatical religionists who cause needless death and suffering . . . uh oh.

  • unclebruce

    yes Nicolaou,

    This "send in the JWs" joke was a widespread reaction on news media throughout the country last week .. surely the JWs see the joke too?.. guess not. I should have posted about it I supose.


  • darkuncle29

    Wow, that was funny.

  • undercover

    Instead of Muslims rioting over the cartoon, you'll have JWs rioting...oh, the persecution...

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes but I can see the other side -the whole point is JWs will not riot and kill people or burn flags -Muslims would

  • cruzanheart

    I don't think the Muslims will be too fussed about it -- they're busy holding a cartoon contest to see who can draw the best Holocaust cartoons.

    Oh yeah, and there's some kite-burning riots going on in Pakistan because kite-flying contests were banned due to people using sharp glass-covered string on the kites that actually killed people in several instances, the latest being a young boy who had his throat cut by one of the glass-covered strings. And the kite-flyers are upset about that.

    They're too busy with IMPORTANT stuff like that . . .


  • unclebruce
    Yes but I can see the other side -the whole point is JWs will not riot and kill people or burn flags -Muslims would

    No stilla, at the risk of starting a diplomatic incident its nothing to do with that. It is a cartoon about one thing and one thing only - de-programming. The talk throughout australia is about the irony of sending nice looking but completely brainwashed people in to de-program people who are far less likely to benifit from it or even need it - sorry but this is the dominant view here. We Australians learn irony in the womb unc

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