SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT re: Riley Trust Tobacco Compan Stock & WTS

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  • Phizzy

    True Eden, though as the comment after the O.P points out, if we ever use this information when talking to a JW, we have to be scrupulous as to how we express ourselves.

    The WT simply accepted the money from the Trust, the investment process that built the fund was handled by others.

    Now, are you sure that all the investments that go to make up your Pension Fund are ethical ?

    If they are not, you are in the same Club as the W.T. Corp in the matter of finance.

  • umbertoecho

    6) Until June 24, 2002, the Trust held 350 Shares of Phillip Morris Companies (maker of Nabisco crackers and yes, cigarettes too). The value of these stocks as of April 30, 2002 were $54.43 each or a total asset worth of $19,050.00. [These shares were listed in the Asset Description section of the 990 Filings under "Consumer Staples"]

    Who authorized sale of these stocks??? And interesting that just about anyone on the net could find and download copies of the HR trust fund and see..CLEARLY; that if someone on the internet could access this information......Then most definitely the WTBTS did too.! So stop it!! Just stop talking in a convoluted manner.

    The fact is if I set up a trust fund here and they consist of shares in pharmaceuticals that my beneficiaries may not agree with..They are certain to inquire as to what this trust fund consists of..You really are stretching it mate.

    7) On June 24, 2002, these 350 shares in Phillip Morris Co. were sold at a market rate of $49.53 each ($17,335.50).

    How bloody fascinating that they did sell them. The fact is, there has to be accountability for what ever the managers of that trust fund do. And logically, that accountability has to be explained and approved. You are so bloody stupid. I have every single document you jerk. So just stop lying....Re read you theory again. For it is not accurate. You have not looked into the intricasies of such matters. You then go on to "patronize" us, by saying ...."Oh by the way,.......

    The trust assets as of April 30, 2005 consisted of approximately 48% Oil & Gas Royalties (from owned or leased Oil/Gas wells I assume) and the remainder of the assets in Corporate Stocks (22%), Corporate Bonds (14%) & Mutual Funds (16%).

    Such an illogical explanation that shot you in your own foot. Read up on trust funds again, for you are not very well versed on the topic. WTBTS KNEW. And they took their sweet time in "selling off". Bet they don't mind all the other shoddy funds they are well invested in.

    Don't you dare talk down to me to them, to us...jerk!!!

  • umbertoecho

    Oroborus21 Do you know what Oroborus really is, means, represents?

    You don't just refuse it. It does not work that way. It is the WTBTS that is the beneficiary, not the actual Trust. It was bequeathed to them...They could pick the bloody phone up, call the managers of the trust...said.." Well, this one goes against our Christian conscience, sell the PMorris shares off and reinvest in something that our collective conscience can live with" Puuuuleees, get real.

    Can't believe this post of yours.

  • umbertoecho

    Oh! Go Terry go.....yes!

    I hate corruption and lies, especially when under some religious banner...

  • umbertoecho


    ..TrueEden is not debating a future pension. It about hypocrisy on the part of a religion that claims, presumptuously to be the FDS and god's mouth piece on earth...

  • mana11

    If i as a Baptized WITNESS OF JEHOVAH, were personally receiving funds from a trust set up by another (regardless of whom it was) for MY benefit and i knew those funds I was getting each year were derived from investments in tobacco or military Shares as sources of revenue then I would be in DEEP SHIT if i were to inform the elders or the elders were to know about it, then i would be HELD accountable to them and told to REFUSE these funds or i would suffer consequences.

    Thanks for pointing that out to us fools. BUT the FACTS is that is what would happen to US FOOLS within the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    SO IF the Sord of Jehovah is directed towards the lowly Fool in this way, how much more so should the HOLY ORGANIZATION be held accountable?.


    I know people that are servants to this organization that have had this very same issue arise and they were told to get out of that situation full stop.

    The ended up donating the funds to charity.

    The very ELDERS that were telling them this however were investing their monies in HIGH RISK ventures and many times loosing large sums.


    Your OP shows you have no personal knowledge of how the organization destroys people on a personal level.

    Right down to their private investments.

    Why shouldn't they be held to the very same standards as the FOOLS that are their sheep?.

  • Achille
  • TheWonderofYou
    Dirty greedy and scrupolous brokers, hedgfunds, trustmanagers ....rulers of the world ....Money makes the new world go round... go out of it
  • sammy

    It shows that Watchtower benefit of incomes through actions detained by the fund H.M. RILEY / WATCHTOWER BIBLE in the biggest societies of weaponry in the world

    Loockheed martin 2014 - 30 000 shares
    Raytheon in 2009 - 50 000 shares and 2008 - 360 000 shares

    Northrop Grumman 2013 - 30.000 shares

    BAE systems by Armor Holding Inc. 2006 - 200.000 shares

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