SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT re: Riley Trust Tobacco Compan Stock & WTS

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  • DannyHaszard

    Hi Danny. You said...
    The central CORE doctrine of the Watchtower,the reason they came into existence was to proclaim Jesus Christ second coming in 1914.They will now deny that they ever made this claim,that's called BAIT AND SWITCH

    Do they really deny Jesus Christ came into power in a second coming in 1914? How did I miss this? Is it they have said "we no longer believe this" or is it they do not include this teaching in new study books for recruiting purposes? I really want to know. Thanks!

    They deny this by shifting to:we live for the God's Kingdom of the 'our father prayer' (Matthew 6:10) and now minimize and omit that it was all about 1914 remember the Rutherford era war cry was ADVERTISE,ADVERTISE,ADVERTISE THE KING AND HIS KINGDOM established 1914

    The Watchtower is damned if they do and damned if they don't,if they diminish,deny,minimize,reject 1914 their entire house of cards doctrinal superstructure comes crashing down.

    If they hold to 1914 they lose credibility as every resource links 1914 with the adventist Millerite movement of 1842.The Watchtower's escape plan was for Armageddon to come and deliver them from all this turmoil.Same with the no blood transfusion ruling they thought the big "A" was gonna come back then 1940-50's and never thought that they would see the body count build into the 21st century.

    Watchtower you ARE damned!

  • amac

    Eduardo, thank you for putting this matter so clearly. Obviously there are some completely delusional apostates who grab on to any string of hate they can muster without using reason. If it wasn't this, they might discover some other convoluted connection to dirty money. The WT would have to do full background checks on every donation for some in this lot to be satisfied.

    I mean to get technical about it, you would also have to figure out how much of that donation came from the Philip Morris stock earnings (probably a fraction) and then on top of that, how much of the stock earnings was due to cigarrette profits being up as opposed to the other products under their umbrella.

    This whole topic is ridiculous...and any secret agent trolls at bethel who are assigned to monitor the apostate underworld (from black helicopters in the sky) would laugh their ass off about how much time people waste on this s*%t. In other words...WHO CARES...stick to what you know people, there is enough wrong with the WT, you don't need to waste time on junk like this.

  • Sunnygal41
    This is what is offensive to our sensibilities... that we have been expected to Take A Stand For The Truthâ„¢, even as young children, while adults - people who set the rules and standards for us to follow - are not willing to do what they expect of their followers. It creates resentment toward the leadership - and I would think that an ethical individual would see that this loss of trust in leadership and resentment that a situation like this would foster would not be worth the $1200 and change that was added to the WTS's wealth by way of the HM Riley Trust while it held Philip Morris stocks.

    While I think everything Scully typed was excellently reasoned out and worded, the above hits the nail squarly on the head. Bravo, Scully, Bravo. You got straight to the of the issue. That said, as a so-called "apostate", I always try to endeavor to verify my information before I share it. Thank you, though, for breaking that down for us, Ed.

  • lilybird

    This post shows exactly how valuable this forum is.. Ideas are exchanged,, if they are in error.. someone with enough patience and effort will make sure we all know "the truth" about the org..thanks for starting this thread,, It is good to know what are rumours and what are legit..

    Although I do also agree with Scully's the bible says.."he who is faithful in small things will also be faithful in bigger things" or something to that effect.. (its been so long I can't remember exactly)When the tower finds out where the money is shouldn't be acceptable to them..If they can spend time shutting down websites.. they can spend time finding out where donations are coming from..

  • metatron

    Allow me to point out that, some years ago, Circuit Overseers were showing slides involving Witnesses around the world. As a part

    of this presentation, they castigated the Catholic church for accepting donations in one country, that clearly were being given by

    prostitutes. They quoted the Law of Moses about not accepting the hire of a harlot and so forth.

    In addition to this, what galls me about Watchtower lies and hypocrisy, is their claim that they are 'no part of the world'.

    This lie should be obvious to anyone, once they take note of the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Society gains

    from real estate and stock transactions. They are deeply involved in business and financial transactions on a scale that

    you or I can only dream about. Any notion that they are somehow separate from this world is an absurdity, akin to

    dictatorships calling themselves "democratic". It just isn't so.


  • Gerard

    Eduardo, This is the bottom line, how do you want to deal with this one? :

    "How a Christian puts his money to work is for him to decide personally, just as how he works for a living is for him to decide. There is nothing contrary to Scriptural principles for him to let his money help him earn a livelihood. If he invests in stocks, no one should criticize him. He should, of course, be discreet about what stocks or bonds he buys. When he knows that a corporation is devoted entirely to manufacturing merchandise that is used for a morally wrong purpose, it would be improper for him to violate his conscience by investing money in the stock of that company."- Awake!, February 8, 1962, p. 23.
  • skeeter1

    In trust law, the recipient has the RIGHT to REFUSE to accept the trust's distributions of income or principal. The fact is that the WTS did NOT REFUSE to accept the trust's distributions. Instead, they TOOK the gift of the trust's distributions that was generated from a COMPANY whose MAIN BUSINESS LINE was morally reprehensible to the Watchtower’s TEACHINGS. The WTS crammed down all of our throats to NOT BE INVOLVED with companies that profited from SELLING CIGARETTES, BOMBS, etc. We had to quit our jobs. So, why should the WTS have been allowed to take cash distributions from a pool of assets which included this company? Double standard.

    The WTS should have reviewed the trust's assets....just like they should have reviewed their U.N. library card. Perhaps the WTS lawyers who help the followers with their wills & estate plans will put a provision to alert the trustees on what to invest in.

  • uninformed


    HOME RUN on your comment on page 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jehovah hates two different sets of scales. Did I say that?


  • cosmic

    Scully, spot on!!! Your reasoning is complete, all the apologists can do is duck and cover. Eduardo, nice lesson on Stocks & Bonds 101, but you should be working for the White House. All that you described was what president's call: Plausable Deniability. That is where questions concerning the morality of a president knowing something ("Well, I'm not a crook!") disappear as long has he can maintain the sham that he didn't know anything about it. (Go rent The Lord of War, you'll enjoy it) We're not talking about a couple of overworked, stressed out, R&F husbands and fathers here, this is the FDS. These people eat, breath, and sh*t numbers. Their entire religion is based upon numbers; but we're supposed to believe that these guys didn't know where the money was comming from? Puh-leeze. These weiners can tell you down to the quarter hour how much field service time has happened on this planet, how many pages of printed material they've published, it's rumored that one can "eat off" the floors of the printing factory because they do everything "just so", "as to Jehovah!" Except, we're supposed to believe, when it comes to their money. Uh huh. These people claim to have a direct pipeline to God, y'mean He didn't tell them? What's next, gonna take some cash from Larry Flynt, because, well "Flynt" is a common name, and, uh, we just didn't know. Besides, maybe he was feeling religious that day?

    See, there was this friend of mine who went on a personal fasting one time, matter of fact, the fasting went on for about a month. And just when he was at the end, you know, the weakest, this really cynical, bad guy showed up and tried to get my friend to toss in the towel. This bad guy offered some food, but my friend wouldn't accept anything from this guy. So the bad ass, who is really clever, told my friend that he didn't have to accept anything from him, why, my friend could just have some of his own bread. As a matter of fact, he offered my friend rulership over all the kingdoms of the earth if he'd just take one bite of his own bread. My friend told that asshole to stick it, something like, "man does not live by bread alone."

    And these dirtbags in Brooklyn are following whom?

  • EdenOne

    I would add something to this very old thread.

    Even the wicked Pharisees refused to accept the 30 coins that Judas wanted to return into the Temple's treasury, because it was money tainted with blood .

    How much more, then, should the sanctimonious self-styled 'God's sole mouthpiece on earth' - The Watchtower Society - refuse contributions from a fund that invests in shares of corporations that deal with tobacco and weapons, who are directly responsable for thousands of unnecessary deaths every year?

    Is it so hard to spot the blatant hypocrisy here?


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