"Deliverance at Hand" District Convention Invitation

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  • Nosferatu

    Aren't shingles an oil product? I wanna see a big goddam oil rig in Paradise Erf!

  • daystar

    Looks like the host's account has been suspended. Did anyone save copies of the images tha tthey can host somwhere and link here? I missed 'em.

  • willyloman
    Gee...I know that I am going to be taken to task by someone for saying this but...... Why do all but one of the people illustrated have a dark complexion? Is this the market that they are pitching to?

    I wondered about that, too. Everything they do is market-driven. I wouldn't be surprised if the version posted here is the "urban" version, to be distributed only on the east and west coasts Then there's another one they distribute in the flyover states.

  • Virgochik

    Maybe the faithful friends will all live in rows of Quanset huts next to giant water wheels for 'lectricity that Jehoopla will lovingly arrange to go around and around.

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