"Deliverance at Hand" District Convention Invitation

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  • Nosferatu

    It's all a numbers game.

    This is a feeble attempt to bring the numbers up at the convention, and to get a bit more cashflow. Let's face it, their door to door work is VERY ineffective. I'll bet this convention promotion will be 99-100% ineffective (especially with the conventions being held out in Bumf**k Egypt)

    New releases? I'll put money on a crappy brochure and a shitty tract, maybe even a mind-numbing video. After all, they just released a new book last year.

  • Elsewhere
    I'll see if I can get a scan of the letters.

    That would be great! If needed, I'll host the images for you.

  • blondie

    Wow ! What a beautiful picture ! Nothing seems to change! The beautiful houses,planting your own garden,all races getting along,ferocious animals that you can pet,abundance spilled on your lap,perfect health,spiritual paradise and employment for everyone.That's what drew me to Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Wait on Jehovah ! He desires that everyone attain salvation ! Just a little longer ! Don't go beyond what is written!

    I can't spend another minute at these conventions.



  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board Rules!

  • doinmypart

    This is a follow-up to sir82's post on page 1.

    The WTS has directed BOE to order labels from OfficeMax under the WTS' corporate plan. Here are the directions given (sorry I don't have a scan):

    Call OfficeMax 1-800-472-6473

    If this is your 1st order, ask to create a PIN

    Provide account number 0540377 and consignee number 282cjw

    Provide name & shipping address

    Provide credit card number & expiration date

    This arrangement is available for congregation activities, not for personal use. (You bad apostates please don't order toner, pens, paper, desks, etc.)

    If you have difficulty using this program call the branch 1-718-560-8400.

  • IP_SEC
    Call OfficeMax 1-800-472-6473

    If this is your 1st order, ask to create a PIN

    Provide account number 0540377 and consignee number 282cjw

    Ohh lets order a buncha stuff!!

  • doinmypart

    The discounts are good.

    If a person wanted to he/she could go to the OfficeMax.com website, get a particular item # for a particular product, call OfficeMax & setup a PIN, and find out how much they could really save. Thanks WTS!

    Seriously, just be careful since you have to give a shipping address and credit card. Perhaps you could use a PO Box for shipping and use a disposable credit card. Hmmm...

  • jstalin

    A few observations about paradise:

    1) They're building some sort of building in the back (barracks?). Where did the lumber come from? Are there lumber mills in paradise? Where will the shingles come from?

    2) The black woman clearly has straightened hair. Do black folks no longer have to straighten their hair in paradise? Or is straightening one's own hair still something black folks will want to do in paradise?

    3) Where do their clothes come from? Are there still sweat shops in paradise?

    4) Why are they even wearing clothes anyways? I thought this was supposed to be a restoration of Eden, where no clothes were worn.

    5) Looks like the guy is hauling watermellons, grapes, luttuce, some sort of gord, a pear, and a few other unidentifiable items, as well as an orange tree in the background. The climate must be perfect in paradise. If that's the case, what happens to polar ice caps? Will there still be seasons?

    6) There's also a farm on the hill in the background. Will farmers still have to spread manure to fertilize the field? If so, that doesn't seem very paradise-like. Are ministerial servants the ones who will be assigned this job, or full-time pioneers?

    Things missing:

    Cars, roads, electronics of any kind, and anything to do other than build a WTS barracks, pick fruit, or smell flowers.

  • beezknees

    i see they have the pics of the drama and singing on the back, the 'highlights' of the assembly.. where is the picture of everyone asleep?

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