"Deliverance at Hand" District Convention Invitation

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  • Legolas
    This arrangement is available for congregation activities, not for personal use. (You bad apostates please don't order toner, pens, paper, desks, etc.)


  • jstalin

    Does anyone have the dates/times/locations of district conventions in the midwest US?

  • lilybird

    Well. I do notice in the illustration of life in paradise,, that everyone has the same vacant silly smile that makes them look like they have been lobotomized..Im not a big fan of gardening.. I wouldn't be happy spending forever weeding the gardens...

  • sir82
    Cars, roads, electronics of any kind, and anything to do other than build a WTS barracks, pick fruit, or smell flowers.

    Well, they've got to be there somewhere!

    There's all that metal used for wheelbarrows, nails, belt buckles, rakes, etc. Which implies some sort of mass production.

    Then there's the factories that must be used to manufacture the billions of sets (all them resurrected folks) of clothing, shoes, farm implements, etc.

    Then you've got to have energy to produce to produce them, transport, them, distribute them, etc.

    And so son.

    It never ceases to amze me, in the pictures of "paradise", how much stuff they draw that requires 21st century "evil old world" levels of power, raw materials, technology, etc.

  • daniel-p

    So I guess everyone is on a septic system in the new world. Nevermind that the natural inclination of our species is to group together in small towns or even big cities. It seems that in the New World we are to maintain an even distance between all houses, perhaps a radius of 900 feet. This will ensure that civilization will not advance since every family will be self-reliant, having to do all work and growing of food apart from everyone else. There could never be any systems of economy - for that would create some medium of currency!!! And we all know the love of money was the root of all evil in the Old World....

  • VM44

    "Deliverance at Hand"

    Is that a promise by The Watchtower? or just Propaganda?


  • startingover


    Great observations. They like to give the impression the guy is growing his own food, but where are the guys working in the factory producing the nails and shingles and lumber, and what tools are they using up there on the roof, who made those.

    It's very irritating for me now to see those pictures, it's all such a fantasy.

    Sir82 and Daniel-P You posted while I was, great observations as well

  • stillAwitness
    And there appears to be a polar bear grazing in the field at the back. Has the Watchtower artist been watching 'Lost'?

    matt can go in shorts and a t-shirt to show off his zombie tattoos.

    Does anyone have the dates/times/locations of district conventions in the midwest US?

    They should be printed in the last page of one of the newest WT magazines sometime this month for all the dates and locations for all of the U.S.A By the way..is this something new? I don't ever remember there being inviations for conventions before. Only the memorial

  • stillAwitness

    P.S Great pics Blondie! I have just set the last one as my new desktop!

  • MissBehave

    Sister Acorn Squash is so blessed by the loving arrangement whereby she was able to handknit her family's trendy denim clothing.

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