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  • EAGLE-1

    OK I will tell.The happy pill has kicked in.

    This event would be the first that I can remember.My parental units decided to join the borg org and drag us kids along.I was about 12 I guess.Yes they were newbies to the will of the tower.[Not Robert Jordans Tower concept in his novels] I will call this the Toy Box Raid.

    It was a nice warm and sunny day.I walked into my safe little house and standing in my room were my parental units.They were gloating over my room and my cool toys that I happened to take good care of.In fact I kept a spotless room.Everything nice and neat.Suddenly they turned into parental gestapo units and began tearing stuff of the walls and tossing stuff out of drawers.Dumping out boxes and pouring out toys etc all over the floor.Next they began breaking these toys up esp. guns and toy soldiers.Posters were ripped up.They were being very dramatic about it.Breaking stuff in front of my face and actually allowing the plastic and metal shrapnel to glaze off my face.Telling me [shouting of course] all about jehovah somebody and what his people should have in their house.I dont recall the ancient Jews having toy guns but based on their warlike ways I would assume they had toy spears.Anyway was not jehovah their war god.I mean he liked to kill people,goats, horses, cows,in fact if I read the plagues on Egypt correctly I believe he kills the horses and cows twice.Cant drive a chariot with a dead horse.

    After they were finished with their I-wanted-to-be-a-nazi-when-I-grew-up-but-instead-I-will-be-a-jw fantasy they ransacked my little sisters room.I gave her some gi joe crap to use with her barbie dolls.Those were destroyed and any barbies wearing camo went to plastic heaven too.Poor little thing just screamed like hell the whole time.I recall something about demon possesion of used doll clothes or something like that.'Oh no!!! Someone call a priest,Barbies miniskirt is floating around the room and theres latin writing appearing on her ass!!!' Little sis likes booze alot these days.Good job mom and dad.

    Of couse I did not see the same Inquisition like zeal when it came to them cleaning out their room.I am glad though.My dads playboys kept my attention for a while.

    No bunny demons I guess.

  • juni

    Heh Eagle,

    Welcome to our little community. I look forward to more humor. Can't have enough of that!!

    Never make a suicide joke to a doctor they get real nervous

    You are so right. I've heard about this. Kind of like yelling "FIRE!" in a theatre.


  • anewme

    Welcome Eagle 1, humor is always appreciated but not at the expense of the writer.
    You DO NOT have to be funny to be appreciated here dear.

    It sounds like you have had some awful experiences and need a place to vent.

    We are a collective hearing ear, and very tolerant and patient.

    You cannot shock us love. We've been there too and heard it all.

    So much pain comes out of the Watchtower Society!

    Relax and be yourself.


  • Cellist

    Hi Eagle 1. Glad you joined us. Sounds like you're going to fit in just fine.


  • ferret

    Hi Eagle ! WELCOME to the forum.

  • GermanXJW

    Hi Eagle1, welcome to the board. The forum you mentioned: was it the old h20 Hourglass Outpost?

  • calico


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi EAGLE -1, and welcome to the forum, glad to have you here.

  • LDH

    That toy box raid sounds traumatic! I can see the drama in my mind's eye. YUCK.

    Well on here we are not victims, we are survivors. Welcome, and post away!

  • EAGLE-1

    I think it was a yahoo forum.Cant remeber the name though.

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