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  • EAGLE-1

    How to spell remember r e m e m b e r ok there--sorry

  • luna2

    Welcome, EAGLE-1!

    While I'm sure the de-demonization of your's and your sister's rooms as kids was traumatic, I had to laugh at the poor Barbies dressed in their camoflage getting the heave-ho along with GI Joe. The floating demonized Barbie skirt was a hoot too. JW parents sure do get their underware in a twist over some of this stupid stuff. Very interesting that Playboy mags aren't as objectionable as dolls or toy guns.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Welcome to the board Eagle 1

    Enjoy your stay!

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Eagle-1


  • carla

    Welcome to the board! Where are parental units today? How is little sister?

  • EAGLE-1

    Parents still around and I sometimes call,maybe twice a year.They never call unless a family member dies.Sis has been having mental problems.She seems to just drift off like shes in another world.If I talk to dad no matter what I am talking about it seems he mentions the book of Timothy like thats supposed to make sense.You know the typical jw response to most any conversational subject is turned into some reference in the bible.Maybe I should say "Well I read in Teen Booty Mag..blah blah blah...Just kidding.Moms still fairly easy to talk to.Wish I could say GET OUT of that @#@$%$##$%$#@ mess and enjoy whats left of your life.Not sure how my brothers feel.I never bring it up but I darn say pretty much what I want around them and see no negative reaction...makes me wonder....

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